What will the future be for the latest mobile phones on the market? 

The market share from the latest mobile phones alone is expected to increase form 72 percent in 2011 to 80 percent in 2014. Some experts predict that the latest mobile phones of the future will become remote controls for our daily live. Leviton Manufacturing Co., Inc. uses smartphone technology to operate security and automation systems, blinds, lights and room temperatures. Others think that the mobile phones of the future will control daily life. No matter what the prediction for the future of new smartphone devices, the rapidly developing technology has made the future of these portable devices interesting and exciting.

What are some of the features of the latest mobile phones?

T-Mobile store displayPeople shopping for a new mobile phone. Many more people will shop for a new mobile phone in the future.

Unbreakable devices and weatherproof handsets are some of the features that will be available for mobile phones in the future. New smartphones will have screens with super-high resolutions that are four-times greater than the current high definition resolution with cinema-quality displays. The next-generation wireless mobile network will be designed with the capability of downloading a high-definition movie in only thirty seconds. Software applications will be easily accessed from a cloud environment. Photographic images will be remodeled using 3D image technology. Wide-angle lenses and sensors will help smartphone photographers map surroundings. In the high-tech future, mobile phone devices will be capable of operating for twenty years with only one battery charge.     

While there might not be free mobile phones in the future, it is certain that the latest mobile phones will change education. One in three schoolchildren will benefit from having access to smartphones with camera and voice recorder phones. Utilizing the multi-functional nature of these portable devices as both learning and teaching tools could become the new normal in K through 12 education. The increasing availability of higher quality inexpensive camera phones will enable both children and teachers to take photos and retain notes while on field trips. A more active and informal approach to learning will evolve because of these high tech developments in the classroom.

An Anthropologist's view of the future of the latest mobile phones.

Joshua Bell, an anthropologist and curator of globalization at the Natural History Museum in Washington, D.C., is currently developing a new exhibit tentatively called “A Natural History of the Mobile Phone.” He has offered some ideas on what he perceives will be the future of the latest mobile phones. 

Mobile phone repair signMore shops will advertise mobile phone repair in the future.

 “Open-source is the only way to have a redemptive future with our technology – not only to even out its unevenly-distributed nature, but so that we can work to create better devices,” says Bell. He believes that open-source technology will promote democracy, connect people with one another around the world and influence how new smartphones will be improved in the future. Joshua Bell has been following the work of cell phone repair technicians in the Washington, D.C. area. He believes we can learn from their insights that are sparking innovative ideas on how to manipulate mobile phone devices manufactured by larger corporations. Bell envisions a future when we will all be “hackers” in one way or another. He thinks that one day anyone will be able to make upgrade changes to the technology we currently own instead of continuing to spend money to purchase newer models when they appear in the marketplace.

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