Teen chat center and mobile phones can create problems 

Teen chat center mobile phone addiction is a behavioral disorder. They spend too much time using a mobile phone for texting, social media activities, watching videos and playing video games. A high school custodian characterizes excessive mobile phone addiction as “teenage zombies who are glued to their phones.”

Deer standing along nature trail.One way teens can take a break from too much mobile phone use is to take a walk along a nature trail like this one.

Teens may spend too much time in the mobile phone teen chat center. According to The Mobile Youth Report, more teens than ever are attached to their mobile phone devices.

• 81 percent of todays have a mobile phone next to them while they are asleep.

• The first thing 74 percent of teens will do after waking up is to reach for their mobile phone.

When excessive mobile phone usage interferes with a teen’s normal life, then it is defined as an addiction. For example, the inability to succeed at school or keep a job because the teen can’t put down a mobile phone is an indication that the teen is addicted to the mobile phone. 

More teens today spend more time texting others than having in person face-to-face conversations. Teens shouldn't prepare for the working world this way. Spending too much time using mobile phone devices in the teen chat center contributes to a general lack of communication in today’s society and social interactions with others.

How parents can help their teens leave the teen chat center

Parents can help their teen overcome their mobile phone addiction problem in many ways. Taking away a teen’s mobile phone is not the solution. Teens will object to not having access to their way of reaching out to others. Here are some recommended solutions to try to coax your teen away from their dependency on teen chat center mobile phone addition.

Fawns along side of nature trail.Teens should take more nature walks to take a break from always looking at a mobile phone.

• Using an app that displays how many times per day teens uses their mobile phone might make them more aware of their mobile phone addiction problem.

• Establish rules that teens must do all the things on their to-do list for the day before they can use their mobile phones.

• Encourage teens to read a book when they are bored instead of using a mobile phone.

• Establish weekly goals that will help teens to slow down on their mobile phone usage.

• Encourage family members to “silence” their mobile phone devices during meal times.

• Ban the use of mobile phones while driving or walking to encourage safety habits.

• Create “no mobile phone” zones and designate certain times of the day when teens can text or access social media channels.

Other ways to help teens overcome their mobile phone addiction problem

 If these techniques don’t work, there are other ways to help teens overcome mobile phone addiction problems. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition doesn’t list the relatively new mobile phone behavioral addiction. However, there are different rehabilitation centers that specialize in teen mobile phone addiction treatment.

• Restart Center provides outpatient teen treatment with individualized assessments. Teens will receive counseling from certified staff and life coaching that addresses interpersonal developmental issues.

• Paradigm Malibu Adolescent Treatment Program establishes limits on mobile phone usage while in treatment. Individual treatment is offered. The program provides assessments for co-occurring disorders.

Doe and fawn near a home.Here is another outdoor scene for teens.

• Family Bootcamp teaches teens to use technology responsibly to prevent the development of technology addiction. Therapists and outdoor specialists lead teens in a wilderness expedition program that teaches the teens to learn to live without technology.

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