Are President Trump’s tweets like adult funny ringtones?

Adult funny ringtones are very different from President Donald Trump’s tweets. Why? Adult funny ringtones are entertaining. President Trump’s tweets are not. In his first week in office, he has tweeted his vision for America for the next four years.

Adult funny ringtones at the Lincoln Memorial.You can imagine President Trump tweeting to his followers from the Lincoln Memorial.

 He has proposed a change in direction in American diplomatic relations with Cuba, complained about not winning the popular vote, used his business acumen to negotiate with a major manufacturer and jeopardized current free speech laws by banning flag burning.

Meanwhile news organizations are trying to deal with reporting news sent to them in tweets by an American President who has a unique way of reporting to them the executive decisions he makes each day. President Trump’s Twitter account has become a bully pulpit, attention getter and propaganda weapon. Journalists are asking “How to cover a president’s pronouncements when they are both provocative and maddeningly vague?”

Adult funny ringtones versus more serious tweets.

What device does President Trump use to broadcast his tweets? Why does he tweet so much?  His wife, Melania, has asked him to stop tweeting so much. Former Vice President Joe Biden has told President Trump to grow up and act like the president of the United States. The president’s tweets are consistent with his persona.

At a CNN town hall meeting moderated by Anderson Cooper, the president explained how he tweets. “During the day, I’m in the office, I just shout it out to one of the young ladies who are tremendous. I’ll just shout it out, and they’ll do it.” After about 7 PM he sends the tweets himself.

How does President Trump transmit his tweets?

Theories have been proposed about the various mobile phone devices Donald Trump uses to transmit his tweets on his Twitter accounts. Sometimes the tweets come from an iPhone and at another times the tweets are sent from an Android device after 7PM, when Mr. Trump is doing his own tweeting.

 It’s possible that Mr. Trump uses several different devices to transmit his tweets. Some of his staff uses iPhones to tweet his messages. When a tweet is transmitted, Twitter records and displays the device or service used to send out the tweet. Some of President Trump’s tweets are “via Twitter for Android,” and some are “via Twitter for iPhone.”

President Trump has been photographed using a Samsung Galaxy. A New York Times story reported that he repeatedly interrupted an interview with the journalists to check his Galaxy as he fires off his tweets.

Does President Trump tweet too much?

At the age of 70, Donald Trump is historically the oldest American President the nation has elected. Although his tweets are not the same as transmitting adult funny ringtones, it can be dangerous to pay too much attention to his tweets. His tweeting gives him too much credit and fuels his dangerous authoritarian tendencies.

President Trump said that he likes being compared to P.T. Barnum. Maybe one day he will fire off a tweet like this to the world, “I’ll make America great again, suckers.” He seems to be telling Mexico that in a barrage of Twitter messages to the country’s president. It’s appalling that American foreign policy toward Mexico has been strained during the transmittal of many Twitter messages between the American and Mexican presidents. 

Is President Trump endangering the White House with his tweets?

Adult funny ringtones and Galaxy mobile phones.Maybe President Trump uses a mobile phone like these to blast off his tweets.

Tweets that do not resemble adult funny ringtones are being transmitted on a dangerously insecure and out-of-date Android mobile phone that is a Samsung Galaxy S3 or S4. This should raise some eyebrows and concern in a security conscious American capital city. The Galaxy S3 does not meet the security requirements of the average teenager. 

The president of the United States should not be using this insecure mobile phone device. However, the question remains. Will President Trump heed the advice of his top security advisors and switch to a more secure way of communicating his vision for America? “Making America great again” should include keeping America secure. 

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