Alone Together

Street Savvy, the Otaku Guy

Street Savvy, the Otaku Guy

Hey guys. Street Savvy the Otaku Guy here. You know, a while back I remember Nintendo addressing this very same problem. Even though people may be all together in the same room, no one is interacting with each other. They're all too busy on their individual personal devices. So they called this phenomenon "alone together."

Of course this was as a part of their promotion for a video game, but they did make a very good point. I've seen this myself several times and let me tell you it's much better to be alone alone than alone together.

Like most Otaku, I've gone all my life with no friends at all. I've always been the only kid who lives here in my neighborhood, and even now I'm still the only young person here with the next youngest person being in their mid 60s. And as a smart straight A student, my only interaction with another person at school has always been fighting.

So I don't have a cell phone since having no one to talk to, I never saw a point in wasting money on something that I'll never use. Except for my N - Gage, which I only bought because it's a video game machine. I didn't even know until much later on that it also functions as a cell phone.

But at least I was always free to get creative and adjust everything so I can do it single person. Even though it was pretty weird playing Tag and board games and such against myself.

But you can't have any Me vs. Me moments when you're alone together. So you can't do anything at all while everyone else is playing on their phones. Until I remembered I had my 3DS with me since it counts up my steps when I walk around with it in my pocket, and there are 3DS games where your success is based on how many steps you've taken. So I pulled that out and started playing on it, only to find out later on that everyone in the room got mad at me because my device was not a phone.

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Oct 12, 2018
The I in Team
by: Anonymous

That was my very first gaming experience too. When I got old enough to remember things, my parents still had their Commodore 64.

Well I think that the gaming companies have been doing a very good job of trying to address it themselves. One of the things that they've been doing lately is promoting online gaming. Every one of my consoles is connected to the internet right now for games that are to be played online with other gamers.

But even though this is a good start, it's still not foolproof because everyone still wants to play alone rather than teaming up. Even if they have to be on a team, they'll still run off to play alone.

So regardless of whether I'm online or offline, my only team ups have been with computer characters. I think if they were to make it so that you don't have any choice in the matter, the only way you can play is to team up with other humans and the only way any boss can be beaten is everyone working together as a team, then it would work out a lot better.

Oct 11, 2018
Alone Together
by: Sheila (Mobile Phones Research)

Hi Street Savvy. Thank you for posting a comment in this discussion.

I remember playing early computer games on an Atari computer. I can understand how people can get so engrossed in playing these games that they don't reach out to others. That's the problem with computer games. Although they are fun to play, they do have an addiction problem. Many gamers are too reluctant to socialize with others. They are more interested and engrossed in playing their games.

This is a problem that needs to be addressed. How can we get gamers off their computers and motivate them to reach out and talk to other people?

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