Chat programs or chatbots as educational resource tools

Teachers can use chat programs or bots as another educational resource to meet these diverse individual communication styles. Bots are able to act as tutors to tailor classroom instruction to fit each student's individual need.

Mount Vernon -- home of George Washington in Virginia.Chatbots are good resources for teachers to engage the attention of their students for subjects such as history, math, science and English.

Learning with the help of chat programs or bots can happen outside of the traditional classroom. Chatbot conversation examples include bots that can help students pass exams or improve English learning skills. As technology advances, chatbots will adapt to the diverse learning styles of individual students. 

Ms Bot is one of many chatbot conversation examples

Ms Bot is a history teacher bot. Here is the written portion for planning out this chat program script ...


Ideal audience: teachers, parents

Work / education: Educators who work with parents of their students in K-12 and higher education.

Interests: How mobile phones help teachers and parents motivate students to learn and achieve a high quality of education.

Content: articles, photographs, information about the use of mobile phones in education.

Influencers: Other leading educators, principals, superintendents of schools, parents of the K-12 students they are teaching.

Goal Identification

  1. Clicking on a link to download a free report on the benefits of using mobile phones in education.
  2. Building a list of subscribers.
  3. I can send out surveys and / or a newsletter. The survey would be used for research on products that the targeted audience might be interested in purchasing.

Platform strengths

  1. personalization
  2. ability to build a base of subscribers similar to building an email list
  3. timely notifications (reminders, push notifications, etc.)

Ms Bot prototype

As a history teacher bot, part of Ms Bot's role is to provide a fun history quiz to help students struggling with history. The bot asks the user some history questions. The user then responds by selecting the correct option. The goal is to interest students in discovering more about history rather than by memorizing rote facts and dates. Hopefully, students will have a better understanding and appreciation for why history is an important subject in school. Here is a link to the bot prototype ... Ms Bot

Why chat programs and bots are popular today

In 2016, Facebook Messenger opened its doors to bot building, software development and chatbot marketing companies everywhere. As a result, there is a growing interest about conversational bots and conversational AI (artificial intelligence. Mobile technology and the desire to look for alternatives to app development is partly what fuels this sudden surge of interest in bots.

Chatbots are used for marketing, lead generation, customer service, answering questions, scheduling and setting appointments. They are also used for running contests, providing coupons, show store hours, asking qualifying questions and posting fun quizzes. 

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