Communications and mobile phones are out of place today. 

Communications and mobile phones are out of place today because people no longer talk to one another. We text. We email. We post on Facebook and LinkedIn. We tweet on Twitter. We post videos and photos on Instagram. In today’s society, the plain art of having a conversation with another person has disappeared.

People using mobile phones to take pictures at Niagara Falls.

“It’s so funny how we don’t talk anymore.

 It’s so funny why we don’t talk anymore.”

– Cliff Richard, We Don’t Talk Anymore

Today most people walk around with their mobile phone devices intent upon what is happening on these small screens. Most of us are tuning out the people who are actually in the same room as us. At what cost has technology replaced personal interactions?

Why are communications and mobile phones out of place?

Many people have addressed this question. You can read some of their responses.

Dave in Orlando writes:

"The cost is great, but the problem is that much of it is invisible. Kids today have no idea of how to interact and actually read someone's face – you can't do that on Facebook. They think nothing of ripping someone in an email or blogging with little or no idea of the consequences. People say things over the internet that would get them punched out in person."

David in Las Vegas writes:

"The cost is America's future. Look at the international test scores in reading, math and science. Our children spend more time strengthening their thumbs than learning the skills to be competitive on the world stage."

Sheila writes:

"I think that we need to have good technology etiquette while in public, but I think that technology does keep me in touch with people I wouldn't necessarily have the time to meet with face-to-face on a regular basis."

Jed in New York writes:

"There are times at work when the elevator doors open and I see 4 or 5 people, all looking into their phones and typing with their thumbs. I have a smart phone, but I'm really not so sure I like it; it's like a tiny version of the desk I already spend so much time at."

Judie Wm's -- El Lago TX

"The price ? Poor one on one relationships...inability to have a conversation without interruptions of cell phones, texting, twitter (whatever that is !), and all of this is sad. I wish every restaurant across the country would ban cell phones as I do not care to listen to other's speak loudly about is rude and inconsiderate.

We've lost the art of communicating with one another, and what is out there on personal sites is not worth reading...PLUS...LISTEN UP PEOPLE...a court order can be requested for ALL OF YOUR RECORDS in child custody, divorce, etc. When will you "get it"...."

Please share your own thoughts

These are only a few opinions. Now it's your turn. Why aren't people talking to one another today? Is it because communications and mobile phones have impacted the way people interact with another? Please post your comments below. What do you think?

Who is Martin Cooper?

Why are people not talking to each other today?

Mobile phone pioneer Martin Cooper has said, "The biggest problem in the world today is people not talking to each other."

When people text to one another, people will say things in a text message that they normally won't say face-to-face with another person. For example, teens and young adults may end a relationship through a text message rather than in person. Are our millennials losing the art of face-to face conversation?

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