How can you find cooking recipes for beginners on a mobile phone?

 Cooking recipes for beginners found on mobile phone apps are following millennials into the kitchen. Millennials who enter the kitchen with an I-want-to-do attitude are relying more and more upon their mobile phone devices to help them experiment with new recipes and learn new cooking skills.

A new study released by Google found that millennials are using their mobile phone devices to help them with their cooking projects in the kitchen. They search for information that will inspire them to cook, help them keep track of recipes, look for cooking recipes for beginners and purchase the ingredients to make the new dishes they want to try. 

“We see through secondary research that millennials are cooking more,” says Anna Conroy, planning director for advertising agency, McGarryBowen. “It isn’t a chore as much as an ability to create an experience.” Millennials are learning that cooking recipes for beginners are helping to teach them to be successful in the kitchen. 

Millennials use their mobile phones in the kitchen to look for cooking recipes for beginners.

Mobile phones are an excellent resource tool for millennials to use while looking for cooking tutorials, recipes, how to cook YouTube videos and other food preparation information. Popular YouTube channels include HowtoCookThat and CookingWithDog.

More than half, around 59 percent, of 25- to 34-year-olds rely upon their mobile phones while cooking in the kitchen. These cooking enthusiasts pass through three different phases. These are the spark phase, the preparation phase and the cooking phase.

Cooking recipes for beginners help prepare delicious cafeteria meals.Eating the food you make in the kitchen is the best part of the culinary adventure.

Three kitchen cooking phases  

Millennials start on their cooking adventure by asking a question. Now what do I make? Here is where using their mobile phone devices to search the Internet for answers helps. They use Google search to find cooking terms for inspiration. Some of the top 100 food search terms include “dinner ideas”, “slow cooker recipes” and “healthy recipes”. 

 Although approximately one-third of millennials don’t like deciding what to make for meals, they love to be creative in adding their own ideas to create new and interesting recipes of their own. They learn new kitchen tricks, also known as food hacks, to help make cooking easy and fun.

The preparation phase follows the spark phase. Millennials use their smartphones to look for help on Google Search or YouTube to learn how to make the food dishes from the recipes they find. These searchers are looking for cooking recipes for beginners that will offer them practical advice on food preparation. A unique ingredient or a new flavor is among the more advanced searches for information.

Millennials once again pick up their mobile phone devices to help them search for information during the cooking phrase. They look for answers to questions such as “What temperature to bake chicken?” Mobile phones are used to view how to videos for various cooking tips and lessons.

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