Mobile phone definition has changed the way people communicate today. 

Mobile phone definition is described as a portable telephone device that does not require the use of a landline phone. Today, mobile phones are everywhere. I see people using them in shopping malls, in schools on the bus, in cars, while walking past houses, in restaurants and other public places. I became curious as to why mobile phones have become so popular. So, I decided to write about this and post my findings on a website for the whole world to see. 

Sheila Koester, originator of Mobile Phones Research website.Hi, I'm Sheila Koester, owner of Mobile Phones Research.

As an Internet researcher and writer, I am using my skills to write about mobile phones for different ages. Each age group has it's own way of adapting to modern mobile phone technology. In other words, mobile phone definition is different for kids, teens, young adults, adults and senior adults around the world. Each age group has a different understanding of what mobile phone definition is.

Mobile phone definition means something completely different to me.

First, though, let me introduce myself and tell you something about my background and experience. My names are Sheila D.Koester. Although the majority of my work experience was as a mainframe programmer and substitute teacher, I did work as a Communications Management Specialist for the federal government for two years. I used a spreadsheet to collect telephone equipment statistics prior to the re-competition of several voice communication contracts. This was four years after the AT&T Divestiture and landline phones were still in widespread use. I was surprised at how rapidly mobile phones became popular in recent years. 

Free Mobile Phones for Sheila TwoAt home holding a landline telephone.

I am interested in how different age groups use mobile phones. I'm constantly learning new things as I research information, write informative posts and take pictures for Mobile Phones Research. I hope you will take a moment to add your experiences, comments and interest in mobile phones to the discussion thread I have started at the bottom of this page.

Please contribute your thoughts and ideas at the bottom of this page. Thank you.

I hope that the information found on the Mobile Phones Research website will be helpful to you. Technology always changes and is never static. Sometimes it is hard to keep track of all the information out there about mobile phones, smartphones and cell phones. I hope you will return to this website many times in the future. I will do my best to keep the information here current, interesting and engaging to all who visit this website.

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