Play games for kids on mobile phones like Pokemon Go might cause trouble 

Play games for kids now includes a new game for mobile phone game enthusiasts that gained popularity in the summer of 2016. Pokemon Go is a free downloadable smartphone game that uses the popular manga characters from Pokemon, the Japanese cartoon franchise. The name Pokemon is a hybrid of the two words “pocket” and “monsters.” People don’t stay at home to play this game. Instead, they are out peering at their small handheld devices wherever they go. 

Pokemon Go GraphicOne of the Pokemon Go characters on the downloadable mobile phone version of Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go uses a combination of ordinary technologies built into smartphones that sends exotic monsters to different places. Location tracking and cameras encourage people to visit public landmarks looking for objects and collectible characters that they attempt to capture while playing Pokemon Go.

The Japanese inspired manga character game is a new technology different from most other mobile phone choices of play games for kids. Augmented reality (A.R.) combines digital technology with the physical world. Digital imagery on a person’s view of the real world is overlaid with the use of a smartphone screen or headset.

Pokemon Go is one of the newer play games for kids that encourage players to hunt for digital Pokemon Go characters using the GPS and camera of a mobile phone. When these animated Japanese manga (cartoon) characters appear alongside real-world physical objects, players toss Pokeballs at the distressed character until it is subdued.

Old mill at Tacketts' Mill shopping center.Kids might be directed to old mills like this one as they pursue Pokemon Go characters using their mobile phones.

Why parents should be careful when looking for play games for kids

 Play games for kids aren’t always safe to use. Parents should be careful when allowing their kids to play Pokemon Go on a mobile phone. Teachers might not approve of their students taking out their mobile phones to play kids games like Pokemon Go in class. Also playing Pokemon Go can be dangerous.

 Although the smartphone game hasn’t been out very long, it has already caused some problems. Pokemon Go’s Geographical mapping feature takes people to places they really shouldn’t be visiting. Chris Carmichael, founder and chief creative architect of augmented reality specialist Ubiquity Inc. sent an email message about this to He also explained, “… the nature of the game creates distractions so that people are not paying any attention to where they are. There is certainly a concern about players getting so engrossed in the game, that they put themselves in dangerous situations.”

Playing Pokemon Go sometimes spells trouble

Pokemon Go’s public nature causes unforeseen problems. The large crowds attracted by Pokemon Go game players disturb homeowners. So many people playing the mobile phone game creates opportunities for criminals to lure the players into remote areas. The unsuspecting Pokemon Go players, who are too engrossed in playing the game, then become victims of many robberies.

Water fountain spouting from a pond in front of a restaurant in Tackett's Mill.Kids need to watch where they are going when playing Pokemon Go on their mobile phones. Otherwise they might wind up in a pool of water like this one.

The hunt to catch all the Pokemon monsters causes problems for authorities and injuries. Pokemon enthusiasts have wandered into the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. Two men fell off the edge of an ocean bluff in California while playing the mobile phone game. People slip and fall into ditches or experience mishaps while playing the game and driving. People are warned to be careful while playing the game, but many are too engrossed in playing to pay attention to the danger warnings.

Parents should teach their children that they cannot play kids games like Pokemon Go game on their mobile phones while in school. They also need to discuss the game’s potential risks for injury or going to forbidden places. However, the best way to play games for kids like Pokemon Go is to play the game with others in groups and not by themselves.

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