Sport TV channels compete for the attention of sports fans in love with their mobile phones  

Sport TV channels aren’t the only things sports enthusiasts watch these days. They love to check their mobile phone devices during the commercials for more information on the sports programs they are watching. Some of these enthusiastic sports fans have shared their own stories about how they watch sport TV channels today.

Tim takes a break from watching a game on TV. After watching 30 minutes of the first half of the game, he reaches for his mobile phone from a folding table next to his chair. He calls this table his personal command center. On it, he has placed his laptop, remote mini-speakers, a cold beer and his treasured mobile phone.

Tim and his fiancée’ Jamie are avid American National Football League (NFL) and Kansas Jayhawks fans. They never miss a game. They use their mobile phone command center to search for stats, facts and trivia that will help them discuss their favorite pastime with others after the game is over.

 According to Tim, “Sports stats are like a common language for guys. Finding stats and debating with your friends over sports stuff is like practice for business. It’s about making logical arguments.” Jamie agrees with Tim. “My whole team at work is made up of guys, and I can actually talk to our vice president because I know what’s going on in the NFL.”

Sport TV channels, mobile phones and friends

Anthony and Mario have been friends for a long time in West Chicago. They share common sports interests. Both enjoy watching sporting events at Mario’s house. During slow action times, both use their mobile phone devices to eagerly text friends and family. 

Seattle Seahawks football fanSeattle Seahawks fan enjoys sharing the latest sports news with his friends after the game.

Anthony thinks that texting others about the sporting events he watches on sport TV channels helps him connect with friends and family. According to Anthony, “Of course I want my team to win, but it’s really just about having a good time with my friends.”

For Anthony and Mario, using smartphones to reach out to others during important sporting events helps them to feel the adrenaline of the crowd in real time. They love to communicate their personal experiences and thoughts.

Sports TV channels and social networking

Carl and Rita enjoy looking at sports TV channels and social networking. They love using their mobile phones to share news that their peers haven’t heard before. They are quick with clever comments and enjoy initiating a little competitive energy. Carlos said, “If my friends from rival teams are bragging about a game online, I want to be able to immediately bring up stats about their team from last year to throw in their faces. I want to be able to create my own highlight reel and share it with my friends.”

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