Tech gives the quietest students a voice.

by Sabeen Fahad
(Karachi, Pakistan)

Giving students an educational voice through technology

Giving students an educational voice through technology

Technology has given choice and voice to all of our students, so everyone can learn, create, and communicate.
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Feb 15, 2021
Technology is the future for today's students
by: Sheila

Thank you Sabeen for posting this here.

Yes, I definitely agree with you. Technology in the classroom engages student interest in what they are learning and studying. They can have fun playing educational computer games and go to new places through virtual and augmented reality. Students can learn to code at an early age in elementary school. Technology encourages their curiosity and to explore new ideas and concepts. Their creativity is unleashed when they see and view educational concepts in a brand new way. Students develop critical thinking skills when they apply technology to subjects like science, history and math.

Feb 15, 2021
Use of tech
by: Nida Sheerani

Technology plays a vital role in teaching & learning. It help and support inclusion as well as provide opportunity to shy learners. Every child feels valued as they work individually on their online projects. I have mixed ability learners in my class. I always plan differentiated lessons and technology helps best in achieving this goal. By using technology, I can plan a variety of tasks to achieve the same learning outcome. My shy learners open up and share ideas and thoughts thoroughly using a variety of webtools. Technology gives voice and confidence to the shy learners, Moreover;it helps teacher to assess learners as per their abilities.

Feb 17, 2021
Thank you
by: Sabeen Fahad

Thanks to Sheila and Nida for sharing your opinions and practices.
They are much appreciated!

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