The boat has left the harbor....

by Tom
(Laguna Niguel, CA)

Young people started using cell phones at an early age. They grow up conditioned to this handy technology. Everyone is texting, sending emails. Those of us who had to stop at a phone booth to call the girl friend to say I am running late. Those days are no more. $25 trillion is spent shopping on line. You can function daily with out speaking to anyone. 2.5 million emails are sent every second world wide. Who saw this coming? People do not care how the technology happened, they just see the results because it is useful to them. They are the market.

Wars, terrorism, demonstrations are run and promoted with cell phones. Nothing will change as we are victims of technology. If things fell apart and we lost our electricity, communication would return.

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Oct 10, 2018
The boat has left the harbor...
by: Sheila

Tom, thank you for being the first person to comment and address my question of why people aren't talking to one another today.

I work as a substitute teacher for my local school district. All the kids have a mobile phone. It's how high school teens talk to one another today. Although school policy in general prohibits these students from using mobile phones in the classroom, as a substitute teacher I don't have a problem with it.

It's much easier for me to manage the behavior of my students. While they are using their mobile phones during non-instructional time in the classroom, they are much quieter. They aren't talking to each other loudly and creating a lot of noise. I don't have to tell them to be quiet. As long as they are working on the assignments the teachers left for them, I don't mind if they are quietly using their mobile phone devices to chat with others online.

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