Which is better? In person instruction or virtual learning during a pandemic?

by Sheila Koester
(Woodbridge, VA)

In person instruction in school

In person instruction in school

When students return to in person instruction, will they be learning from a teacher or a "classroom monitor"?

In person learning doesn't necessarily mean there will be a professional teacher in the classroom. They might still be taught virtually from another teacher in another location. They will be given assignments to work on in class. However, another person, not necessarily a certified teacher, will be there to answer student questions, monitor student behavior and ensure that the students complete their assignments in the classroom.

"Parents don't want to trade virtual learning at home for virtual learning at school," said Patricia O'Neill, a school board member in Montgomery County." "I think there's a firestorm coming."

What do you think? Is a "classroom monitor" acceptable for in person learning? Or should students be taught in person by a professionally trained teacher?

What about virtual learning? Where does educational instruction fit in with either in person or virtual learning?

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