Why do teachers need more time?

by Sheila Koester
(Woodbridge, VA)

Stressed teacher

Stressed teacher

I received this email message from Lauren Watkins of Unruly Studios..

Hi Sheila,

When we ask educators what they need more of, they scream “TIME!” while rushing to their next call, next PD, next bathroom break, etc.

While we don’t have Wonder Woman's super speed, we do have 4 teacher-tested tips for maximizing the school day and finding the rarest unicorn of all, work-life balance.

1. Limit Scheduling: Prioritize 3-5 daily tasks and be okay with letting other tasks wait.

2. Nurture Relationships: Schedule “sacred” time to check in with individual students, ideally during asynchronous work. Zoom isn’t personal, but your relationship is!

3. “Chunk” your lessons: Break lessons into shorter mini-lessons to encourage attention and engagement (the average student attention span is 2-3 minutes x their age).

4. Take Care of Yourself!: Your learners count on you to be well mentally and physically. Set a clear cut-off time for work and stick to it.

Every teacher is a first-year teacher during COVID. We all have room to grow and learn from each other, so what’s your strategy for work-life balance? Reply to this email and I’ll include your tip in our blog on self-care tips for teachers!

Stay Unruly,

Lauren Watkins
Unruly Studios

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