How can I find easy piano songs?

Easy piano songs can be mastered with the best piano app for beginners. This app  surpasses the difficulty many beginning piano students may have in understanding the musical concepts needed to play the piano. Easy piano songs using the best piano app for beginners can be accessed through a smartphone device. 

Wurlitzer Spinet PianoDiscover how to play this piano using Piano Marvel.

The piano is a classical instrument. Musical instruments like the piano enhance a person’s quality of life and mental well-being. Music is soothing and calming to the ear. It gives us a chance to relax and is entertaining. Playing the piano is a skill and it takes time and practice to learn to play well. Learning to play easy piano songs for the piano for personal enjoyment becomes easy and fun.

During stressful times playing the piano has many benefits. These include improving communication skills, attention, memory, speech, language in addition to improving spatial and math skills. It has also been suggested that learning to play the piano improves a person’s ability to vocally convey emotions. 

Apps for learning to play musical instruments are gaining in popularity. However, one app may not be the best app for everyone interested in learning to play the piano. Although an app can help to make it easier to learn how to play the piano, it’s important to understand how the app will work for you as a new piano player. Then it’s time to decide which is the best piano app for beginners and how that will help when it comes to playing easy piano songs and piano lessons.

Best piano app for beginners is Piano Marvel

The Piano Marvel app walks beginning piano students through every step of learning how to play the piano. It breaks piano lessons down into smaller learning sections. Students use repetitive practice while learning to follow how to play musical notes on the piano. Lessons are taught how to play piano at a faster rate than learning through piano books used in traditional piano lessons.

The app provides positive feedback and grades to demonstrate learning practice, motivate student learning and track progress learning to play piano while following sheet musical selections. Piano Marvel is a fun and quick way to help budding students master difficult piano concepts. The app teaches piano students to learn how to read and play from real piano sheet music. Students aren’t exposed to bouncy dots or video game scrolly bars.  

The Piano Marvel Method is a comprehensive curriculum that was developed by Aaron Garner. He is a piano teacher and former class piano instructor at UNC in Greeley, Colorado. He developed his own method for teaching piano after studying many of the best available piano curriculums. 

Band playing Christmas music.Discover how learning to play a new instrument can be both fun and easy.

How will Piano Marvel help me to learn to play easy piano songs?

Piano Marvel is the best piano app for beginners because of the many available features. The application provides piano instruction for digital, acoustic pianos or keyboards. Piano students can choose from a library of over 25,000 songs and exercises to play for all levels. The Piano Marvel app may easily be accessed using Windows, Mac or an IPAD. Automatic progress tracking and practice modes are also a part of Piano Marvel.

Prepare mode is an exciting way to help budding piano students work through the piano lessons at his or her own pace. This mode will provide feedback during practice sessions. It shows the student which notes are played correctly and points out any mistakes made when wrong keys are played while reading the musical notes. Piano students can control the tempo and timing while they are learning how to play the correct musical notes.

Hundreds of high-quality video lessons guide each Piano Marvel student. Over 300 training videos include “how to” videos that demonstrate all the available learning tools. Each of these videos accompany piano songs and exercises. The latest videos are posted on the Piano Marvel YouTube channel or on the Facebook page. The lesson videos are short lasting up to a minute, so that the piano student can spend more time practicing and less time watching a video.

The Assess Mode detects any mistakes made while learning how to play the piano. The SASR (Standard Assessment of Sight Reading) is a piano sight-reading test that teaches piano students how to sight-read music as they are learning how to play the musical piano notes. 

For more information about this best piano app for beginners please visit the Piano Marvel website  or sign up for a free account

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