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Basics of mobile communication for teachers

Basics of mobile communication for teachers. Why is it important for today’s teachers to understand mobile phone technology? 

Statistics demonstrate that almost every American student in today’s classrooms owns or has access to a mobile phone. Statistical research shows that 56 percent of children age 8 to 12 have a smartphone. That number jumps up to 88 percent of teenagers ages 13 to 17 have or have access to a mobile phone. Most middle and high school students, around 91 percent, primarily access the Internet using a mobile phone device.  

This has made a huge difference in the way today’s teachers view education. Mobile phones help teachers communicate with both students and their parents. Students can access educational content on mobile phones. Teachers can communicate important information about their students to encourage more parental involvement in the education of their children.

Learning is an ongoing process. Today the focus of education has shifted to eLearning. Students can learn at their own pace with mobile phones and the various feature-oriented applications. They have more time to understand traditional school subjects. The use of mobile phone apps helps to make learning fun and more engaging for them.

Crowd watching a winter show in Alexandria, Virginia.Students today can use mobile phone apps to learn anywhere.

 Basics of mobile communication in today’s society

A question some teachers often ask is, “how can we get the teachers in our building to use mobile phones as a learning tool?” Today’s teachers have many other questions and concerns when it comes to integrating modern mobile phone technology into the educational process. Teachers want their students to do well with their studies. They are frustrated when mobile phones become a distraction during the instructional day. Teachers want answers as to how to best integrate mobile technology in the classroom to help students learn. Teachers can find many answers to these concerns by reading the content posted in the links below. 

Elementary school building.Do mobile phones belong in school?

The information presented in the content for the Education and Technology link is important resource for understanding the basics of mobile communication in the classroom. The pros and cons of mobile phones in education are presented. After reading this information, teachers will understand more about how using mobile phones in the classroom will benefit their students. When teachers can effectively manage the use of mobile phones in the instructional day, then mobile phones become an asset rather than a liability in the classroom. Teachers will find interesting background information in the Communication Mobile Network section. Teacher powerpoints covers topics related to using mobile phone apps in education and as a learning aid for students.

Other sections of interest

Define Social Networking discusses how various groups use mobile phone technology. Mobile phones can also be incorporated into special occasions. More information about this is found in the Holiday Celebration Ideas section. Information about how the idea for this Mobile Phones Research evolved is presented in About Mobile Phones Research.

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