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How basics of mobile communication connects people with one another 

Basics of mobile communication affects more than five billion mobile phone users across a huge global network. Read the latest news about what has been added recently to Mobile Phones Research.

AT&T display of mobile phones.Looking for a new mobile phone?

Mobile Phone Technology

Explore the Communication Mobile Network.

Who is Martin Cooper

PDA and smartphone repair

What does the future look like for mobile phones?

Where can you recycle a used mobile phone?

Samsung mobile phones 

Father and son enjoy looking at the waterfall at Great Falls park.Most adults like to capture special moments with family.

For Adults

Topics of interest to adults.

Adult m-commerce shopping

Behind the scenes of Snapchat

How chatbots offer free business advertising.

Purchasing options for mobile phones.

How to enroll in the Conversational Copywriting Course .

Read all about "Fake News" .

Apple iOS News

How do mobile phones solve global social problems? Learn how at fun questions.

Basics of mobile communication and kid's playground.Mothers can use their smartphones while watching their children play.

For Kids

Pokemon Go uses augmented realty.

The end of summer signals the beginning of the school year.

Education and technology for kids.

Although everyone loves a good story now and then, kids especially enjoy reading short stories.

Mobile phones in school?

Musical toys for kids?

Man washing car in front of his retirement home.Getting older means that you have more time to enjoy life.

The Golden Years

How to stay busy and active.

Top choices for recreation and entertainment.

Mobile phones are also for older adults.

What are the best cell phone prices?

Where can you get a free mobile phone?

Basics of mobile communication and a Christmas tree at Mount Vernon.Explore favorite holiday traditions.

Holidays and special celebrations using mobile phone technology

Holiday celebration ideas

Fourth of July


Washington Dc Cherry Blossom Festival

Teens marching and playing their instruments in a parade.Teens like to participate in many activities outside of school.

For Teens

Teens and mobile phones

Why do some teens become depressed while using a mobile phone?

Teens love to take pictures of themselves.

Live sports streaming

Sports on television

Sports Information

Teens, social media and mobile phones.

Basics of mobile communication around the world

Basics of mobile communications and adults at Great Falls Park.Mobile phones are perfect for carrying on a conversation while observing the view.

People who own a mobile phone don't need a landline telephone. Today there are more mobile phone users than people still using the traditional landline telephone. Will landline phones become extinct? Perhaps in the future users of all generations will no longer need to rely on a landline telephone to communicate with other people. Learn how basics of mobile communication helps people connect with one another around the world.