Mobile Phones Research advice for history teachers and parents

Mobile Phones Research presents many ways history teachers can use mobile phones as instructional tools. Parents who want their children to master history may find information about the use of mobile phones as a fun way for their children to learn history interesting.

Mobile phone selfie in a garden.Virtual and augmented realty can help students explore exciting places without leaving the classroom.

K-12 students view their mobile phones as a way to communicate with their peers. History teachers can tap into this popularity of mobile phone usage among their students to make history facts, people and events exciting. Discover the many creative ways educators can use these devices in the classroom. Homework assignments can be completed on a mobile phone. Homeschooled students can take advantage of the access to mobile phones for their historical studies at home.

Introduction to mobile phones

Teachers, parents and students might be interested in the history of mobile phones. When were mobile phones invented? What were the contributions of Martin Cooper and AT&T to the evolution of mobile phones? How does mobile technology work? Explore the answers to these questions here...

Broken mobile phone? Find out how to fix it.

Mobile phones research explores new ways to improve student achievement

History teachers can explore new ways to incorporate the use of mobile phones in their daily lesson plans. There are education resource tools available that present additional information about the use of mobile phones in K-12 education today.

Jefferson MemorialToday's history students can travel virtually to places like the Jefferson Memorial in Washington, DC without leaving their classroom.

Parents can explore new ways to use mobile phone technology to make learning a fun experience at home.

Mobile phones are an asset when it comes to opening doors to educational opportunities and success for today's teens and young adults. Discover new ways teens can break from bad mobile phone usage habits. Instead they should find ways to use their mobile phones for school assignments to achieve higher grades.

Kids can develop essential study, master difficult school subjects and play exciting educational games on a mobile phone.

Mobile phone applications for education

K-12 history teachers can discover ways to incorporate mobile phone apps in their daily lesson plans. Other apps for mobile phones are useful, too.

Advice and tips for history teachers about mobile lesson plans.

Manassas battlefield exhibits in Manassas, Virginia.Students can visit historic places like this one without leaving their classroom using a mobile phone.

What is the purpose of the Mobile Phones Research website?

All K-12 students today have access to a mobile device. Mobile phones research delves into this educational digital transformation. Students can use mobile phones to research historical information online, take tests and turn in history homework assignments. This section explores the background, purpose and scope of the mobile phones research topic to help history teachers and their students. Please visit about for more information...

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