Great teen romance novels – chapter sixteen

Great teen romance novels include The Olive Tree Covering. Emergency is the title of the sixteenth chapter of great teen romance novels.

Nets in a park.Playing badminton is fun.

After breakfast the next morning, I stayed in my room putting the final additions on my shadow box displays. My room smelt of glue and musty fabric and I used a wet cloth to rub away the blotches of glue entangled in the sticky, damp, deep pile carpet. The smell of glue and moldy paper left a bitter after taste in my mouth as I scooped up loose scraps of cut paper and cardboard from the floor and my bed. In order to clear my room of the unpleasant odor I gathered the two shadow boxes in my arms and carried them into the hallway. Angel scampered out of my room behind me. 

“Tamara, did you make those in your room?” My father extended his hand toward one of my displays as he was ascending the stairs into the hallway.

Avoiding answering my father’s inquiry, I held both displays tightly against my chest and turned away from him.  My father’s prying words about my personal, innermost faith triggered an anger that began as a small fire working its way up into my chest to mingle with the rapid beating of my heart.  Struggling to hold back my tears I ran back into my room and put the two displays on my desk. Angel jumped into the rocking chair to finish her last-minute grooming.

“Tamara, answer me please.” My father ascended the last step. 

Throwing my body face down on the bed after slamming the door shut, I let the tears fall onto my pillow. The pillowcase was cold and damp against my cheek. Angel clambered on the bed beside me and brushed her warm fur against my right arm. Gathering my kitten in my arms, I rolled over on the bed face up and held her close to me. Sitting up I cuddled Angel’s warm and soft body and rocked her back and forth like a newborn baby.

The tension in my stomach felt more like a bowl full of noodles instead of muscles. My anger with my father raged inside me and erupted into an explosion of tears like a geyser eruption in a national park. Clenching a tissue in my fist I wiped away my tears from my eyes and hot cheeks.

Great teen romance novels often include forgiveness scenes

There was a soft knock at the door followed by an envelope that appeared under my door. The unsealed envelope opened easily. I read the words, “I’m sorry I love you very much, Dad.”

Tamara wanted her father to understand her new faith in this one of many great teen romance novels.

Opening my bedroom door, I found my father sitting on the floor holding his head in his hands. After I gave my father a hug and a kiss he raised his head, smiled, and hugged me pulling me down on the floor next to him.

For a fleeting moment, the thought that my father really loved me entered my mind. Maybe he wanted to express how he loved me but didn’t know how. Maybe his anger really meant that he cared about me. Perhaps I should be more obedient and understanding of his concern and direction for my own life with my family and our Jewish faith.

Characters in great teen romance novels often have fun

“Hey, anybody interested in playing a game of badminton?” Ben shouted from the landing below.

Angel poked her head out of the half open door of my room. I stood up and she brushed against my legs. Neither my father nor I answered Ben. My stomach muscles relaxed. Inwardly I wondered what my father’s thoughts were about the biblical scenes he had seen. Maybe there was hope for a new relationship with my father.

“Why are you both so quiet?” My brother walked up the stairs two steps at a time.

“Huh?” No particular reason Ben. I guess we were both too engrossed in our own thoughts to answer you, son.” My father rose from his seat on the floor.

“Badminton sounds like fun. Let’s go play Dad.” 

Tamara was hoping that playing badminton with her brother would help her feel better in one of great teen romance novels.

After picking up Angel from off the floor I carried her down the steps and followed Ben outside. It was warmer outside than it had been yesterday afternoon. Angel jumped out of my arms and down onto the ground looking for a sunny spot to stretch out her arms and legs. My mother was busy trimming the rose bushes and clearing away all the weeds that had grown over the summer. The roses smelt like the perfume my mother always wore.

After my brother and I found the badminton set in our garage, we set up the net. My father emerged from the kitchen door at the same time I tossed the coarse, plastic shuttlecock high up in the air.

Maybe Tamara's father would one day understand Tamara in this one of great teen romance novels.

“Glad you decided to join us Dad.” Ben hit the shuttlecock with his racket.

“I was looking for my favorite sweater.” Dad pulled out a racket from the box on the table.

“Whose team do you want to be on, Dad? Ben’s or mine?” I picked up the shuttlecock from off the ground.

People playing sports in a park.Many people can be on the same team in badminton games.

“Looks like Ben is winning and probably won’t need any help from me. I’ll be on your team Tamara.” My father walked around the net to stand next to me.

Tamara hoped her father would understand how she felt about becoming a new believer in Jesus in this one of great teen romance novels.

Inwardly I was changing, but outwardly I was still my father’s little girl. A part of me knew that he wanted to protect me and shelter me from the harsh realities of life. My stomach was still in knots but I tried to relax and enjoy the game. It was nice to know that my father chose to play on my team this time.

My moist palms tightly gripped my badminton racket as I served the shuttlecock to Ben and ran up to the net to wait for the returned serve. My father stood behind me, ready to catch the volley returns I missed.

Trouble sometimes happens in great teen romance novels

“Dad!” Ben threw his racket on the ground.

Not every experience in great teen romance novels are happy ones.

Turning around I was appalled to see my father lying on the ground clutching his chest with both hands. My mother didn’t answer my call to her so Ben went to look for her in front of the house. My father was barely breathing as I knelt on the ground beside him.

Oh my goodness! Tamara call 911 and have an ambulance come.” My mother knelt beside me. “Ben, please bring me a blanket and some water.”

Inside our house I picked up the phone with shaking hands and managed to push the correct three buttons. My heart beat rapidly causing the blood to rush to my head. It was too scary to think about my father lying helpless on the ground. Why was the rescue squad taking a long time to answer? Hoping that the rescue squad would come before it was too late, I prayed silently for peace of mind and struggled to calm my fears for my father’s survival.

Tamara hoped the paramedics could help her father in this one of great teen romance novels.

“Raritan Park Fire and Rescue squad. How may I help you?” A women’s voice rang in my ear on the other end of the line.

“My father needs help. We were playing badminton outside and the he fell down clutching his chest.” I adjusted the receiver on my ear so that I could hear the woman’s response.

“Your father must be having a heart attack. I’ll send an ambulance over there right away. What is your address?”

“1421 Meadow Lark Road. Will my father be alright?” I played with the cord trying to steady my shaking hand.

“Make sure he is quiet and remains still. Don’t try to move him and if you have a blanket, you may use that to cover him. I’ll dispatch the ambulance right away. Don’t worry. Your father will be fine.” The woman spoke calmly and her voice was soothing to me.

Sitting down in a chair after hanging up the phone, I shed tears of sadness, instead of anger. Now that my father needed me more than ever I had disappointed him by my rebellious actions. I was ashamed that I had so blatantly disobeyed my father’s wishes to stay away from anything having to do with Jesus. Maybe I could undo the baptism ceremony and return to the Orthodox Jewish faith of my father. Was my father suffering today because I was disobedient to him in the past? I needed quiet time to think and decide what to do.

Ben ran past my chair carrying a blanket and some water to take to my father outside and I shouted to him. “Tell Mom I called 911 and the ambulance is coming soon.”

Angel rushed into the kitchen. Scooping her up into my arms and holding her close to my chest I prayed silently for courage and the fortitude to go outside to be with my father. It would be hard for me to observe the pain on my father’s face as he lay helpless on the ground. Praying silently for healing for my father and clutching Angel in both arms I mustered up the courage to go outside.

Tamara prayed for healing for her father in this one of many great teen romance novels.

The siren whined as the ambulance pulled into our driveway. I picked up my mother’s purse from the dresser in her bedroom, thinking that she would need the insurance cards in her wallet. When I peered out the kitchen door, two men were carrying a stretcher and others were directing the fire truck where to park. In our town, the fire truck always arrived with the ambulance whether or not there was an actual fire.

I followed the members of the rescue squad out back, and watched them examine my father. My mother touched Ben’s shoulder pulling him away from the paramedics. One woman took my father’s pulse and temperature. She listened to his heart with her stethoscope. Another man gave him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. He then placed two hands on my father’s chest and pushed down.

Tamara is worried about her father in one of great teen romance novels.

“What’s going on?” I gave the purse to my mother.

“I think they are trying to resuscitate his heart.” My mother wrapped her right arm around my shoulder.

When the paramedics couldn’t do anything else for my father, two men lifted him onto the stretcher. The stretcher was loaded into the ambulance. Ben moved closer to the ambulance so he could look inside and observe what was going on. The men attached adhesive tape and tubes to my father’s arms. I hated the smell of chloroform and other medicines inside the ambulance and turned my head away. It was difficult for me to see my father like that.

“Mrs. Sulema, you can ride with us in the ambulance. However, we don’t have room for your children.” The driver jumped out of the van. 

“I don’t want to leave them home alone. Perhaps we should follow in our car.” My mother held Ben in her arms.

“Mom, I can call Mike and ask if his mother could drive us there.” 

 “We will wait, but don’t take too long.” The driver signaled to the paramedics in the van with his thumb.

After rushing into the house, I dialed Mike’s number with shaking hands. The phone rang twice before Mike’s mother answered. 

“Yes, we can take you to the hospital. Be right there.” Mrs. Brille hung up the phone.

Hurrying outside I signaled that my mother could go to the hospital with the ambulance. “Mike’s mom was home and they will be here to pick Ben and myself up in a few minutes.” 

My mother hopped in the ambulance and the driver closed the door. The fire truck had already left our house. The ambulance pulled out of our driveway the same time Mike and his mother arrived at our house.

Discover how to play badminton in one of the great teen romance novels.

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