Best teen romance novels – chapter two

Best teen romance novels include The Olive Tree Covering. Party is the title of the second chapter in one of the best teen romance novels.

Shifting my weight evenly on the bicycle seat I sped down the driveway past our four-door sedan and light blue, two story house. While adjusting my heavy backpack on my back, I inhaled the clean fresh smell of freshly mowed grass and the fragrance of late blooming flowers.

Bicycle rider in the neighborhood.Tamara was probably riding a bicycle similar to the one shown here to her friend's house in this one of best teen romance novels.

Best teen romance novels probably have some action scenes to engage the attention of readers.

At the intersection of our driveway, I turned right on Meadow Lark Road. My sweaty palms struggled to maintain a firm grip on the handlebars. My bicycle tires whirred against the pavement when I pedaled harder to increase the speed of my bicycle. A fly buzzed in my ear and I swiped it away with my left hand.

After I passed three houses, Meadow Lark Road curved to the right. Holding on tightly to the handlebars with both hands I steered my bicycle around the curve and slowed down. Filling my lungs with fresh air, I relaxed relieved that no one saw me. After the exertion of rapid pedaling, I unzipped my warm jacket with my left hand.

Many of the houses that I passed had well-kept lawns covered with shrubs and trees. Some had rock gardens with flowers. Two squirrels chased each other up and down the trees. A little boy was playing with a ball in front of his house. He threw the ball high up into the air and then tried to catch it with both hands. As I rode past his house, he ran down the driveway chasing the ball that had bounced out of his hands.

Best teen romance novels introduce the characters at the beginning of the story

Who are some of the characters in best teen romance novels?   

The tires of a car squeaked and came to an abrupt stop behind me. Maybe my parents had found out that I left the house and followed me here in their car. When I heard the loud voice of a man I turned around and looked. The stranger was standing next to his car talking to the boy, who only a few minutes before had been playing in his driveway. The boy wasn’t smiling.

“Next time try to be more careful. It’s better to let your ball bounce in the street rather than being run over by a passing car.” The man put his hand on the boy’s shoulder.

 “Thanks. I’ll be more careful next time.” The boy brushed away a tear and took the ball from the man’s hands.

The boy walked back to the driveway in front of his house and resumed bouncing the ball. After the man got back in his car and drove off, I continued pedaling in the direction of the intersection. At the intersection, I turned left onto Robin Run Way and pedaled faster past houses on my right. Rachel lived in the last house on this street. A large wooded area that marked the boundary of Franklin Park was across the street to my left. My eyes focused on the pavement as I sped past the scenery.

Best teen romance novels try to create some problems for the main character to solve.

Rachel was dancing in front of her house with her IPod plugged into her ear, when I rode up her driveway. We waved to each other. She really looked like she was enjoying herself and knew how to have fun. She was wearing spaghetti straps, the top cut low in the front, hip hugging jeans that revealed her midriff and belly button. A pink lei and large, circular, pierced gold earrings accented her outfit. I was no match for her fashion instincts.

Residential street.Tamara may have traveled down a street like this to reach her friend Rachel's house and neighborhood.

Best teen romance novels include dialogue to move the story plot along.

“You decided to come,” she said taking the IPod out of her left ear.

“I sneaked out of the house without my parent’s permission.” I brushed back stray wisps of windblown, brown hair.

 “You still haven’t done anything about those glasses. Your parents wouldn’t let you get contacts?”

“No.” I put my hands in my pockets.

I felt like a little girl in pigtails struggling to keep my place in the presence of a gorgeous fashion model. My outfit seemed plain and old fashioned in comparison with Rachel’s up to date fashion instincts. I wanted to go home, crawl under the sheets of my bed, and hide. A long nap might help me forget about my insecurity of being an awkward little girl struggling to compete in a world filled with grownups. It was as if I was a small, ugly mouse running away from a beautiful and sophisticated Turkish Angora domestic cat. I didn’t know what to say, how to act, or even what to do when I was around Rachel and some of her friends. Maybe if I hung out with Rachel and her crowd long enough I would learn how to blend in and all my flaws would vanish.

“Let’s go inside. I have something else better looking that you could wear to my party.” Rachel sipped her wine cooler.

Characters in best teen romance novels have different personalities

How is Rachel different from Tamara in this one of best teen romance novels?

Rachel’s room was different from mine. She had posters of rock stars and celebrities on all the walls of her room. A red bedspread covered her queen size bed and the room contained black furniture. Her room was so cool and hip.

“Try this on.” Rachel pulled out a black and white wrapped skirt with a low-cut red top. 

I put my backpack on her bed and changed into the clothes she handed me. She gave me a white lei and clip on red earrings to wear. Rachel and I wore the same shoe size, so I could wear the red sandals she had pulled out from the bottom of her closet. She took off my glasses and fixed my hair, using a flowered clasp to pin it up so that I would look older. Rachel was celebrating her fifteenth birthday. I was a few months younger than she was, but she acted much older than I did.

“You look so cool. Let’s go party!” She headed out her door.

“Wait. I can’t go downstairs without my glasses. I stood in her bedroom doorway.

“Forget them. You can hang on to me or someone else. No one’s going to notice if you stumble or fall. They’ll just think you’re tipsy.” I looked at my red cheeks in the vanity mirror and followed Rachel downstairs.

She led me into the kitchen. A couple of fellows, who I had seen around school before, were busy loading six packs of beer into the refrigerator. Rachel grabbed two wine coolers form a cooler near the refrigerator and offered me one. I declined pulling out a can of soda from another cooler. She shrugged and walked out of the kitchen, holding both wine coolers in her hands.

I followed her into the living room. She held the door open for Tom and Harry, who were struggling with a large drum set, trying to squeeze it through the doorframe. They were the quiet ones in my history class and I didn’t know they played in a band. Both wore their hair long and had arm tattoos. They brought the drums into the living room and arranged them around the room.

“Not in here. Mom would kill me if she found out I messed up the living room. Bring them downstairs in the family room. I’ll show you where.” Rachel handed me the two wine coolers she was holding.

Best teen romance novels portray characters with different personalities.

She picked up two cymbals and clashed them together as she marched out of the living room in time to their rhythm. Tom and Harry carried the drums. I followed them downstairs.

The two fellows I saw earlier in the kitchen were sitting on a couch in the family room playing a video game. Rachel told the drummers to set up their instruments near the sliding door facing the backyard. While enjoying the warm sunshine outside in the backyard I recognized a couple of girls from my English class who were dressed in wrap around skirts and bikini tops. Both wore colorful leis and were swaying their hips back and forth. They were waving their arms keeping the rhythm going with their feet.

 “They are practicing for the luau tonight. They came with the band and are part of the entertainment.” Rachel stood next to me and reached for one of the wine coolers I held for her.

“I’m surprised your parents allow you to drink that stuff. The only time I am allowed to drink a little bit of wine is at Passover.” I held the other wine cooler behind my back.

“What my parents don’t know about what I do won’t hurt them.” Rachel winked at me and downed the rest of her wine cooler. She reached behind my back for the other wine cooler but I wouldn’t give it to her. She shrugged, whipped out a cigarette, put it between her lips, and lit it with a match. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to follow Rachel’s lead any more.

“Where are your parents? How did you get their permission for this party?” I finished my coke and looked for a garbage can to dispose of the can.

“They are staying with my grandmother tonight. They don’t know about the party.” Rachel watched as Harry walked beside her and put his arm around her waist.

“Can I bum a cigarette babe?” Harry took a long swallow from the beer can he held in his free hand.

“Sure. Help yourself.” Rachel held out the pack of cigarettes and snuggled next to him.

Rachel lied to both her parents and me about the party. Instead of having cake, ice cream, and playing some innocent games her birthday party became a wild celebration. Maybe being part of the in crowd really wasn’t as cool as it looked from the outside. It was bad enough that I had lied to my parents about where I was going. I decided to go back inside to the kitchen to look for a garbage can and to put the wine cooler back in the refrigerator.

Best teen romance novels may include some uncomfortable scenes for the main character.

I closed the door to the kitchen refrigerator. My nose wrinkled, as I smelled the stale, dank odor of someone breathing down the back of my neck. One of the video game players had followed me up the stairs to the kitchen and I remembered I had seen him drinking beer downstairs. He grabbed my waist with both hands and I struggled to get out of his grasping arms. He slid his hand under my top and I could feel the cold, damp skin of his palm against my naked back.

“What are you doing?” I tried pushing him away from me with both hands. He held on tighter pressing me against his chest.

“Don’t you want me cutie?”

His left hand reached down to my hip and he was struggling with my skirt tie. He had relaxed his grip and I was able to break free from his strong, muscular arms. I held my skirt and ran upstairs to Rachel’s room as fast as I could, slamming and locking the door behind me. After I changed back into my jeans and top I threw the wrap around skirt and low cut blouse on Rachel’s bed. Slipping on my backpack, I grabbed my jacket and tiptoed quietly out the bedroom door and down the stairs. No one was in the living room as I made my way out the front door. Hopping onto my bicycle, I rode the other way on Robin’s Run Way in the direction of the industrial park. 

What will happen next? You will have to read chapter three of this one of best teen romance novels.

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