Top teen novels – chapter twelve

Top teen novels include The Olive Tree Covering. Chance encounter is the title of the twelfth chapter in top teen novels.    

Cars on a street.Tamara is in the car with her mother and brother on the way to the nearest shopping mall.

“Your daughter is not in trouble Mrs. Sulema. I wanted you to know that she explained her side of the story to me.” Mrs. Wexler closed the door to her office.

“What happened?” My mother sat down.

Tamara's mother is relieved to learn that her daughter is not in trouble in school in this one of top teen novels.

“Mike defended me against an unwanted attacker.” I reached for the change of clothes my mother handed me.

“Mike has detention for the rest of the week and on Saturday. However, Larry has been suspended.” Mrs. Wexler opened a notebook. “As the senior administrator I’m required to notify the parents of all students involved in any type of school disruption.”

I’m grateful that Tamara wasn’t hurt. Although we have an open-door policy with Tamara at home, she doesn’t tell us whom she associates with in school. Thank you, Mrs. Wexler.” My mother stood up.

“You’re welcome. Here is my business card if you ever need to speak with me.” Mrs. Wexler shook my mother’s hand.

Top teen novels may include a shopping trip

“Ben’s waiting for us in the car.” My mother walked beside me as we left the school building.

“Where are we going?” I opened the car door and sat in the front seat.

“I thought we could look for outfits for Ben’s bar mitzvah today. I’m planning on driving over to the nearest mall.” My mother turned the key in the ignition.

 “Cool, Mom.” I adjusted my skirt under me.

Ben was engrossed in a new comic book in the back seat. He was always quiet while reading. It gave me the chance to review the events at school today without having to answer my brother’s persistent, prying questions. Nor did I want Ben to get any more wrong ideas about my relationship with Mike.

A few of the leaves on the trees were shedding their summer green and changing into yellow, orange, and red. The crisp leaves sparkled in the sunshine as a light wind dislodged them one by one from the tree branches. Opening my window a crack the rushing wind blew a bright orange leaf into the car and the musty odor from yesterday’s rain wafted under my nose. The leaves rustled in the wind as they brushed against the car window and I twisted and turned in my seat trying to catch a red leaf with my hand out the car window. At the next red light, my mother told me to close the window.

“Tamara, why are you so restless today?” Mom turned the steering wheel around the corner.

“I guess I’m excited about going shopping.” The dry, salty sensation of the greasy French fries I ate during lunch remained in my mouth.

Top teen novels often expose the inner thoughts of the main character.

The bitter aftertaste reminded me of the events after lunch and my growing relationship with Mike. Mike was someone with whom I could talk and reveal my innermost thoughts. He was my rock, always there for me, always by my side. Larry was wrong to pull out his pocketknife but it was also wrong for Mike to punch him in the nose. The unpleasant experience would linger in my mind for a long time. Maybe I would be able to ask Mike his motives for his actions when the right time came.

“Your face looks flushed, honey.” Mom waited to turn left at the red stop light.

“It does? Maybe I can’t wait to try on my new outfit for Ben’s bar mitzvah.”

We drove for about ten minutes along the main boulevard until we reached the mall. Mom parked the car in the first parking space she saw. The three of us emerged form the car and headed towards the nearest department store.

Is this more than a shopping trip?

“Let’s look for Ben’s suit first and then we can look for our dresses.” My mother led the way to the men and boy’s departments.

Ben tried on three different suits in navy blue, brown, and dark green. My mother found a tan suit and handed it to him in the dressing room. He emerged a few minutes later and put the tan suit back on the rack next to the others. He changed into his old clothes and followed my mother comparing the prices and sizes of other suits. Not able to wait any longer, I impatiently meandered through other clothing racks and discovered that Mike and his mother were looking at the shirts.  

In top teen novels, the main characters may unexpectedly meet.

“Hi, Tamara. What a nice surprise to meet you here.” Mike put the hanger he was holding in his hand back on the circular rack.

I came here with my mother and Ben to get new outfits for my brother’s bar mitzvah. I decided to go exploring in the store and didn’t expect to meet you here.”

“Ohev Shalom youth group is having a special celebration for the High Holy Days next Wednesday. Can you come?” Mike selected a new shirt from the same rack.

“I’ll have to ask my mother about it. I’ll let you know later. I’d better get back before my mother worries about me getting lost.” I waved.

“Tamara, it was nice seeing you again.” Mrs. Brille checked the price tag on another shirt.

“Same here. Bye Mike.” I walked towards the fitting room to wait for my brother to finish trying on suits.

“There is no time to look for our outfits today, Tamara, since Ben took longer than I thought he would to pick out his new suit. I know you’re disappointed.” Mom carried Ben’s new suit to the cash register.

“Mom, I won’t be disappointed if you let me go with Mike and his mother to a special High Holy Day service next Wednesday.” I tapped my fingers impatiently on the counter waiting for the sales associate to key in the price of Ben’s suit on the cash register.

“I’ll let you go with your friends. If your father asks me where you are, I promise I won’t tell him. He won’t be happy to hear that you are at Ohev Shalom.” Mom pulled out her credit card from her wallet and handed it to the store associate. 

“Thanks Mom.” I followed my family back to the car.

In this one of many top teen novels, Tamara is happy that her mother is letting her join her friends for their special celebration.

After dinner in my room, I sent Mike an email to let him know that my mother gave me her permission to attend the special High Holy Day event next Wednesday after school. After finishing the online internet research that I had started, I printed out the selected articles that would be useful for my historical journal about the Jewish origins of the Christian faith. 

What are the Jewish High Holy Days?

Continue onto the next chapter. Top teen novels are often full of surprises.

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