Education resource tools and mobile phones don’t always belong together  

 Education resource tools for teachers don’t normally include mobile phones as part of the lesson plans. 

• Students show more interest in using their mobile phones for other activities such as Internet surfing and texting than they do in the lessons they should be learning. Kids have a hard enough time staying on task and staying focused in class.

Another farm rabbit in a cage.Teachers long to store mobile phone devices used for other activities than school work in the same cage with this farm rabbit.

• Allowing a child to have a cell phone in school is disrespectful to the classroom teachers. Teachers and substitute teachers have a hard enough time maintaining discipline in the classroom. It only adds fuel to the fire when teachers have to stop teaching to tell a child to put his or her mobile phone device away. Many students already have a hard time obeying orders. Parents should realize that giving them a mobile phone to play with in class only leads to disrespect, trouble and punishment later on.

• Kids want mobile phones because their friends have one. By nature, kids are social. Therefore, instead of being social face-to-face they want to be social using a mobile phone device. Often when they are bored in school or not interested in the subjects they are supposed to be studying, they think that they can entertain themselves using a mobile phone. They like to text or chat with their friends. Or, they may prefer to play games on the Internet. 

• Mobile phones currently are not being used as education resource tools. Instead, they are used to play games or communicate with peers in class. They shouldn’t be using their mobile phone devices to play Internet games or text their peers during class time. This use of mobile phones in the classroom is a poor motivator and a distraction toward kids developing a good attitude toward their studies in class.

Historic farm carousel.Years ago kids didn't have mobile phones to play with. Instead they amused themselves by riding on carousels outdoors like this one.

Should mobile phones be included with other education resource tools?

Is a child's use of a mobile phone device healthy? Mobile phone health issues are another reason mobile phones are not included in education resource tools.

• Over exposure to electronic technology such as television or mobile phones brings on many growth problems. These include attention deficit, impaired learning, cognitive delays, increased impulsiveness and lack of self-control resulting in frequent tantrums.

• Technology use restricts movement. This results in delayed development.

Caged farm peacock.Here's another storage place for those distracting mobile phones. Let this peacock watch your child's mobile phone while he or she is in school.

• Children become overweight due to lack of proper exercise. Since they are immobile in one location using technology devices such as mobile phones or computers to play games on the Internet, they are less motivated to go outside and play with their friends.

• Children don’t get enough sleep because they are staying up too late playing with their mobile phone devices.

• Technology overuse may play a role in rising rates of child depression, attachment disorder, anxiety, attention deficit, bipolar disorder, autism and other problematic childhood behaviors.

• Violent media content on television or Internet games is the main cause of aggressive behavior in younger children.

• Attention deficit, decreased concentration and memory are all caused by too much exposure to high-speed media content.

• Children become addicted to using mobile technology as a source of comfort when their parents pay less attention to them. When parents don’t spend time with their children, then children look toward other ways of entertaining themselves or for attention. 

How mobile phones affect the health of younger children.

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