New teen romance novels – chapter eight

New teen romance novels include The Olive Tree Covering. Punishment is the title of the eighth chapter in new teen romance novels.

New teen romance novels have new beginnings.

Neigborhood houses.Tamara Sulema is at home with her parents in a quiet neighborhood.

I woke the next morning, rubbed my eyes, and turned on my side facing the wall, away from the bright sunshine streaming into my room. My ankle felt better than it did yesterday after I stretched my left leg and rubbed my ankle. Remembering my bad fall reminded me of my promise to Helen to pray about the disagreement I had with my parents and for healing for my sore ankle. A knock at my door interrupted my prayers.

“Who is it?” I shouted, not bothering to get up to open the door.

“Mom’s making pancakes for breakfast.” Benjamin’s head emerged from the open doorframe.

“I’ll be down in a few minutes.” I pulled off the covers and hopped out of bed.

Angel was busy cleaning herself in the rocking chair in the corner of my room. I changed into a short sleeve top and jeans, remembering how warm it had been the day before. The silver star and gold cross in the center of my new necklace hung on a silver chain that I wore over my rose-colored shirt. I opened the door to my room and headed downstairs. Angel followed me, occasionally brushing against my legs.

The blueberry aroma blended with the rising steam from the tall plate of pancakes at my place at the table. My father waited for me to sit down and then said the Hebrew blessing. We ate our pancakes in silence. A large gulp of milk quenched the tension that I felt in my stomach.

Characters in new teen romance novels sometimes show off jewlery that lead to problems and trouble.

“Where did you get that necklace?” My father stared at the piece of jewelry around my neck.

“Mike gave it to me. What is wrong with wearing the Star of David?” I tucked the necklace under my collar.

“I don’t like seeing the cross symbol tucked inside the Jewish star. I’m not sure I approve of you seeing so much of Mike.” My father sipped his strong coffee.

“Tamara, I was planning on having chicken, string beans, and corn for dinner this evening. Please help me prepare the meal.” My mother changed the subject.

“I can handle that.” I picked up my fork and cut off a large piece from the stack of pancakes on my plate.

The necklace felt cold next to my skin after I tucked it in my shirt. Not wanting to offend my family I decided to hide it. I should have done that before I came down to breakfast, but I wanted to wear something that reminded me of Mike.

In this one of new teen romance novels Tamara shouldn't have been so quick to show off her new gift from Mike.

After I was excused from breakfast, I went upstairs to my room. I turned on my computer and finished writing my history paper. Mike instant messaged me and we chatted online for a while. He asked if he could bring my bicycle by later. I texted him a message response letting him know I would walk up our street to meet him so that my parents wouldn’t be upset.

After I finished my paper and turned off my computer, I decided to pull some construction paper, scissors, and glue from my desk drawer. The red heart shapes that I cut and glued to the front of a folded piece of white construction paper looked good. I wrote a note of apology to my parents on lined notebook paper and glued that to the inside.

Tamara tries to make amends with her parents in this one of new teen romance novels.

“I made this for both of you.” I handed my homemade card to my parents before sitting down to eat my lunch.

“Thank you, Tamara. This doesn’t excuse you from punishment for your disobedience.” My mother handed the card to my father.

“I’ve contacted Rabbi Mendelsohn. He wants to speak with us tomorrow afternoon.” My father opened my card.

“I’ll pick you up from school every afternoon for the next week. Your father and I are also expecting you to help me at home with the housework and other chores. You’ll have to study in your room because you are not permitted to go to the library or study with your friends in their homes.” My mother sipped her tea.

“You can still play croquet with me after lunch.” Ben reached for a sandwich on a plate in the center of the table.

“I’ve finished my homework so we can play.” I ate the rest of my lunch in silence.

I was disappointed that my homemade card of apology didn’t dispel my parents’ anger. It washard swallowing the dry bread and meat of my sandwich and I stared at my plate for the rest of lunch to avoid all eye contact with my family. The sharp pain between my shoulders reminded me of the heavy load of guilt I carried on my back.  

New teen romance novels often create conflicts between the characters

I opened our shed with the key Ben handed me and pulled out our croquet set. Ben wheeled it into the center of our yard and set up a stake and five hoops near the backyard fence. I set up a stake and four hoops near the house.

“What color do you want to be?” I picked up a blue mallet and ball.

“Red.” Ben put the red ball down on the ground next to the stake. “What’s it like to have a boyfriend?”

“How do you know I have a boyfriend?” I put my blue ball on the ground next to Ben’s ball.

“I saw him give you a kiss last night.” Ben hit the ball through both hoops with one swing.

“You’ll know the answer when you become a man and kiss your own girlfriend.” I hit the ball hard through a hoop with my mallet.

“It’s your fault we aren’t going to see a movie.” Ben hit the ball through the two hoops in front of the far stick with one swing.

“Dad changed his mind about taking us.” I walked towards the middle hoop.

“I wasn’t the one who ran away.” Ben passed me on his way to the starting hoops.

You can often learn new things like how to play croquet in new teen romance novels.

I hit my ball through the middle hoop on the first try instead of responding to Ben’s comment.

Ben swung his ball through the far left hoop. He was almost near the last two hoops in front of the starting stick, when Nathan entered our backyard.

“I have some friends over for a touch football game. I came to see if Ben could join us.” Nathan tapped my brother on the shoulder.

“I’d like to but I’m busy at the moment.” Ben hit his ball with one swing through two hoops.

“Go ahead Ben. You’re winning this game.” I hit my ball through another hoop.

New teen romance novels can include poetry.

“Your hair and eyes are so beautiful,

Radiant in the sunlight so plentiful.

This necklace is a small token of my love,

 Shared from my heart as my eyes look above.”

Ben recited those words with his hand over his heart to Nathan. I was too far away to put my hand over his mouth to silence him. From the depths of my bowels, a slow, seething rage began and worked its way up to my throat. I swallowed forcing it down. My face felt like it was on fire and when I touched my right cheek, it was warm and wet. I felt ill as if I was coming down with the flu or a bad cold. Tears were pouring down my cheeks and I blew my nose with a tissue from my pocket. My head ached and I experienced an uncomfortable tightening sensation in my chest.

“Was that what Rabbi Mendelsohn taught you in your bar mitzvah lesson?” I limped, favoring my injured ankle, as I walked up to where Ben and Nathan were standing.

“No. I found it on the floor, under your bed.” Ben waved the paper in the air.

I tried to grab my brother’s shirt but he had already started walking towards the carport with Nathan. The two ran across the street and disappeared into Nathan’s house before I thought of what to say in response. I gathered up the hoops and sticks from the unfinished croquet game and put them back in our shed. Ben forgot to give me the key so I left the latch unlocked.

Fantasy playgroundIs Tamara dreaming she could be somewhere else with Mike?

Remembering that I had promised to meet Mike halfway down our street, I walked around the front of our house looking for Mike. He was wheeling my bicycle towards our house. I greeted him at the end of our driveway.

New teen romance novels include many conversations between the characters to move the story along and retain the reader's interest in the story.

Mike waved. “Does your ankle feel any better?” 

“A little. My father took me to the emergency room last night and the doctor said it was a sprained ankle.”

“My sister’s bicycle tires always need repair, so I keep a few spare tires in our garage.” Mike put the kickstand down and sat down on the curb.

“Thanks. My father was angry when I came home last night.” I pulled out the necklace Mike gave me from inside my shirt.

“I think you need to pray about it.” Mike motioned for me to sit down next to him.

“That’s what Helen tells me, too. My father didn’t like the idea that I’m wearing a cross inside the Star of David.” 

“It’s hard for most Jewish non-believers to accept the cross. It has too many negative connotations for them.” He touched my arm.

“I read somewhere in scripture that Jesus said he came to divide families.” My head rested against Mike’s shoulder.

“He came for his lost sheep. I believe that one day your family will come to understand your new relationship with God.” Mike stroked my hair.

“Do you really think so?” I put my arms around his waist.

“I know so.” Mike lifted my head and kissed me tenderly on the lips.

“It’s getting late.”

“Here let me help you.” Mike stood and pulled me up off the curb holding both my hands. “See you in school tomorrow.”

“Goodnight, Mike. Thanks again for everything.” 

I parked my bicycle under the carport near the kitchen door and went inside. Angel followed me upstairs into Ben’s neat and orderly room. She pulled up Ben’s bedspread to reveal stacks of comic books and graphic novels under his bed. I bent down and grabbed as many as I could and took them downstairs, throwing them in the trash can outside. It took four trips up and down the stairs until Ben’s treasured collection disappeared. 

Did Tamara do the right thing in this one of many new teen romance novels?

Please watch this video to learn how to play croquet. Croquet is mentioned in this one of new teen romance novels.

New teen romance novels have many chapters. Chapter nine is the next chapter in this novel.

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