Digital marketing for businesses

Digital marketing for businesses is constantly changing. Today many businesses may try a new approach for marketing copy using artificial intelligence (AI). However, there will always be a need for copywriters who can use emotional intelligence in combination with AI to write effective copy that works for their clients.

In the days of the mainframe computer, Steve Jobs and his friend Steve Wozniak determined that there was a need for a smaller personal computer that everyone could use. Building their first few models in the garage of his parents’ house, Steve Jobs founded the company that later became known in every household as Apple.

Digital marketing for businesses today

Many new business owners struggle with the best approach to take when trying to win business and new clients. Maybe your company is having the same problems today. How do you write copy for your website that is more personal and is easier to understand?

You remember reading somewhere that it’s been proven that 70 percent of consumers with high emotional engagement will spend twice as much with the brands they like.

When they feel emotionally connected, 81 percent of consumers will promote a brand to friends and family.

Professional Image of SheilaSheila Koester -- Professional Freelance Marketing Copywriter

As a marketing professional and direct response copywriter, I use conversational language to communicate your company’s sales message to your prospects and customers.

Conversational copy engages your audience in the familiar voice people use to share stories and information. Engaging in everyday conversations creates a human connection.

Conversational copywriting is a powerful way to make the sale…without hype, manipulation or exaggeration.

Consumer engagement encourages an enthusiastic response for your products or services. Your marketing message will convey high-level brand loyalty that drives sales.

As a marketing professional, I know how to build relationships with my clients and prospective clients. I can start the conversation. Building engagement is the next step. This will deepen levels of trust to create desire. Closing the sale is the last step.

Building relationships is a tricky, long-term process. I can’t control or make it happen. It takes time, survives a few missteps and requires hundreds of individual interactions.

One of the keys to building any relationship is to communicate. In other words, you can’t talk and write non-stop. You must listen to others and respond. As with any medium, you need to attract attention. You must stand out from the crowd.

If you are struggling with the best approach to take for your company’s website copy and content I can help.

Sheila KoesterSheila Koester

My approach to helping with digital marketing for businesses

Reading has inspired me to pursue knowledge through education. My interest in reading many different books and articles has led to a passion for writing. I have now embarked on a journey to help businesses and organizations increase sales and income through effective online conversational, copy, content and social media for the Web.

As a substitute teacher, I use keywords to persuade my students to take action. I use a call to action to remind them to work on their assignments and turn in their completed work. My students for the day are my audience. I understand the importance of education in their lives. As a copywriter, I also use a call to action in the copy I write for clients.

The written word has the power to persuade others to take an action. Education and information technology work together. I have a background in both. I have work experience both as a substitute teacher and as a software developer. My passion for writing helps me as a freelance online copywriter. 

Businesses need effective online copy and content to reach an audience. Social media helps companies share information with anyone. I understand the nature of the Internet and can write a variety of conversational copy, content or for any social media channel.

I can use persuasive, conversational direct response copywriting skills to reach many different audiences. These persuasive skills were acquired and developed through many copywriting training programs. 

Digital marketing for businesses clients and experience

Farmers Insurance (the Janice S. Sutton Insurance Agency Inc.)

Leviton Manufacturing Co., Inc.

Real Estate Agent Wavery Brown

Textbroker International, Inc.
Independence Federal Savings Bank

Intersections, Inc.   

Department of the United States Navy

Acton Burnell, Inc.

Prince William County Schools

General Services Administration

Skyline Financial Services Corp.

Comprehensive Marketing Systems, Inc.                                   

the National Archives

Future Kings


Digital marketing for businesses publications

American Writers & Artists, Institute, Professional Writers Alliance  — Guest Writer Essay Series

Conversational Design: An Introduction for Chatbot Copywriters

Conversational Design: Strategies for Successful Conversation Flow

Conversational Design: Chatbot Creation

Conversational Design: Opportunities for Chatbot Writing Projects

Certificate of Completion — The Chatbot Copywriting Mastery & Certification program and is recognized as an AWAI Verified™ Chatbot Marketing Specialist

Digital marketing for businesses client recommendations

Jen AdamsJen Adams — Professional Writer’s Alliance Director

Jen Adams — Professional Writer’s Alliance Director

"Sheila can take complicated digital marketing and conversational design concepts and make them simple. Thanks to her thoughtful pieces, our community of readers got a solid education in what it means to be a chatbot writer right now. And I know what she wrote for us is just a sliver of what she knows and what she can do! If you have articles you need written in the digital marketing space (or anything else, Sheila's a great researcher) be sure to snap her up while she's still available."

Jan SuttonJanice Sutton -- Farmers Insurance Agency Owner

Janice Sutton — Agency Owner at Farmers Insurance

“As I celebrate my 25th year as a Farmers Insurance Agency owner I realize the importance of increasing my social media presence! Sheila is an expert in the social media arena and I have said for many years to only do the things you are good at and enjoy! I love helping folks with their insurance needs so I hire experts to do all the other stuff like payroll, accounting, social media etc… Sheila is ideal for me and does a great job for my social media needs!”

Dr. ConradDr. Conrad

Dr. Paul Conrad, DDS

“I read your report on dental bonding and found it to be quite accurate. Some techniques are slightly different due to different materials and the inherent differences among dentists. Overall I liked your article and believe it to be easy to understand by people who may not be aware of dental treatments. Good luck on your endeavors.”

Stanley W. Parsons, Vice President

“Ms. Koester demonstrated a strong work ethic, ability to learn quickly, attention to details, consistency in carrying out her duties, and flexibility. She is analytical and a self-starter, and among the achievements that proved this are several projects which she researched on the web before preparing reports for the CIO.”

The four published articles I wrote about Conversational Design and Chatbots were for the Professional Writers Alliance.

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