Educational websites for children are accessible without using a mobile phone

Children can access children's educational websites without using a mobile phone. Children can use a computer for online educational activities. Yet the ever-growing market for mobile phones has expanded to include young children. Children from the age of four adopt mobile phone technology. Why do some parents choose to buy a mobile phone for their children?

Kid rushing to have picture taken at FDR memorialDoes he look like he needs a mobile phone?

According to Child Guide Magazine, it is normal for parents to buy a mobile phone for their children as early as six years old. These children could also use their mobile phones to go to educational websites for kids. Some parents think that if their young children have their own mobile phone they can also use them as tools to stay in touch with friends and family.

 During a survey conducted by , 2,290 American parents were interviewed. Of the parents 31 percent said they bought a mobile phone for security reasons so that their child could always contact the parent in case of emergency. Another 25 percent cited calling other family members was the main reason. Another 20 percent said that they could keep the lines of communication open with their friends at school.

Matthew Wood of said, “The fact that most six year old kids have cell phones in their pockets while out on their bikes or playing with their friends show just how much technology is part of our lives at a young age.” He also explained, ”… but it's crucial that they use this technology in a way that doesn't affect their normal social skills and growth.” 

Accessibility to educational websites for kids is one reason parents might want to buy a mobile phone for their younger children

Today, parents have many reasons to buy a mobile phone for their young children. Modern mobile phones may be used for making phone calls, accessing educational websites for kids, downloading other information from the Internet, playing online games, listening to music, watching movies, taking pictures or being used to contact help in case of emergency. Yet, some parents are reluctant to make this decision. Some parents even wonder if their children need a mobile phone to communicate and socialize with others.

Carousel in Frying Pan Park.Years ago kids didn't need a mobile phone to play. Instead they rode carousel horses similar to the ones pictured here.

Questions parents should as before purchasing a mobile phone for their children 

1. Does your child need a mobile phone to feel secure?

2. Alternatively, does the child want the phone to socialize with his peers who already have one?

3. Will the child use the mobile phone responsively? Will the device be used to access educational websites for kids?

4. Will your child adapt to the mobile phone usage policies and restrictions that you decide are necessary to establish?

5. Do you trust your child to use the mobile phone device without much supervision?

6. Alternatively, do you need to monitor your child's mobile phone activities?

7. Will the mobile phone interfere with schoolwork in and out of school? Some schools have rules regarding mobile phone usage in the classroom.

8. Will the mobile phone interfere with sleep, chores at home, or other family responsibilities?

9. Will the mobile phone be an asset or a hindrance to your child's daily routine?

The answers to these questions will be different for each child. However, these questions give parents something to think about when deciding when it is the right time for their children to own a mobile phone. The answers will also help the parents decide which mobile phone model is best for their children and will help with purchasing decisions when each parent decides that his or her child is ready to own a mobile phone.

Wizard of Oz theme playground in Watkins Regional Park.Some parents would probably rather have their kids play outside in playgrounds like this one instead of playing games on a mobile phone indoors

Basic guidelines for mobile phone usage

Once parents make the decision to purchase a mobile phone for their children, parents should also establish some basic rules that both parents and children will follow. For example, if the parent decides that children shouldn't use a mobile phone during meal times, parents also should set the example and not use a mobile phone during family meals and gatherings. Parents should teach good behavior while using a mobile phone. Kids need to learn how to use the mobile phone respectfully. For example, they should not forward photos without the permission of other people, nor should they have personal conversations in public places. 

Buying younger children with their first cell phone doesn't mean it has to be sophisticated. A basic phone that does not include Internet access for children's educational websites, a camera, games, and texting capabilities is all they will need at first. Parents should set limits on the number of text messages children can send or receive and the number of minutes children can use the cell phone. Following a few basic guidelines will ensure a happy mobile phone experience for parents and children.

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