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Kids learning math in school 

Kids learning math in school through mobile phone devices is an educational innovation. Although there are pros and cons to the use of mobile phones in school, a new study supports the idea that kids use mobile phones to learn new things. However, the study also notes that most schools are not realizing the benefits of student use of mobile phones in the classroom.

Verizon Foundation commissioned TRU to conduct quantitative research about middle school students’ use of technology and mobile phones in classrooms. TRU conducted 1,000 online interviews among sixth-to eighth-grade students, ages 11 to 14 living in the United States.

Rockledge Elementary SchoolYou can't see them now. The kids are in their classrooms inside the school building using their mobile phones to help them learn important educational concepts.

The research conducted by the study demonstrates that mobile technology can inspire and engage student learning in the classroom. Students can choose which devices they know, prefer and enjoy using to complement the education they are receiving in school. In spite of the rules schools establish regarding the use of mobile phones, students often will disregard these rules. On their own, they take the initiative to use mobile phones to enhance their educational experience in school.

How technology improves learning instruction

Despite the perception by some parents and teachers that mobile phones distract kids from classroom learning, the survey reveals that mobile phones are used to access online education games for kids including reading games for kids. Mobile phones also help them learn the problem solving skills that math for kids teaches. Middle school students experience increased educational motivation and confidence while using mobile phone technology to learn new concepts. This contradicts the school policy in 88 percent of today’s schools that strictly forbids the use of mobile phones to enhance the quality of traditional classroom education.

Kids lining up to board the bus after school.Kids can carry their mobile phones home with them on the bus. At home they will use their mobile phones to help them learn while doing their homework after school.

Kids learning math in school is fun

There are six ways that mobile phones can help children learn in school or after school at home. In addition to providing online education games for kids, mobile phones can also function effectively as teaching tools. These tools can be used for kids learning math, research important facts, help kids look up a word, or teach kids reading in a fun way through reading games for kids.

Kids Playing at Fair Oaks MallSometimes Parents like to give their kids time away from using mobile phones to learn.

•   Apps or application programs for mobile phones help to make learning subjects. Some apps help kids learning math with their homework assignments. 

•   Students have their own portable research tool available anytime they need to find information on the Internet for a school assignment. 

•  Mobile phones are easier for students to use when it comes to developing reading and comprehension skills. 

•  Brain exercising apps for mobile phones help kids learning math increase their learning skills by helping students retain information for subjects more efficiently.  

•  Students who are comfortable using computer and mobile phone technology in and out of the classroom will have a greater success of being successful in the work place after they finish their education. 

•  Mobile phones facilitate teacher to student communication. Students can receive homework reminders, reading materials and other instructional aids from their teachers using mobile phone devices. 

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