Home schooling as a home education resource

Home education resource for parents teaching their kids history at home. Kids who are homeschooled have more opportunities to explore their communities than other kids who are required to stay confined to one school building. These students can experience hand-on education at libraries, museums, marinas, businesses and have access to other local community resources. If you are looking for historic places to take your history students, you can find them at the National Historic Register.

National parks in Virginia are wonderful places you can take your children to on a field trip. They can bring their mobile phones to capture memories of these historic places they may visit.

Townhomes that might have homeschooling students.Homeschooling students learn at home. Do you think that some of these students might live in one of these townhomes?

How parents can help teachers foster child creativity for their children in history classes. 

Parents can help their children discover historical fiction using a mobile phone.

Information technology education, mobile phones and the power of words.

How education digital transformation and the rise of mobile phones will affect your children when they are ready to attend institutions of higher education.  

Home education resource is for everyone

Home education resource and homeschooling go hand in hand. According to the National Home Education Research Institute, there are now more than two million children in homeschool programs in the United States. This percentage is rapidly increasing by 7 percent to 15 percent each year. Homeschooling is legal in all 50 states and in many foreign countries. This is why homeschooling is rapidly becoming a home education resource.

Many parents choose to use home education resources for different reasons. Dissatisfaction with the available educational options, the belief that children are not progressing within the traditional school structure or different religious beliefs are a few reasons. Other reasons include learning styles, health reasons and aptitude level. 

a houseHomeschooled students can study at home all year around. However, they can take breaks for holidays such as Christmas.

Research proves that the individual attention children receive through homeschool programs provides a superior academic atmosphere when compared with traditional learning in school. Brian Ray, Ph.D., founder of the National Home Education Research Institute,  stated that students educated in a home school generally score at the 65th to 80th percentile on achievement tests. This is 15 to 30 percentile points higher than children who go to public schools.    

Before getting started with homeschool programs, parents should research these resources.

  • Books on homeschooling are available at the local library.
  • Perform an online search using the terms homeschooling, learning styles, preschool, high school, special needs and curriculum.
  • State and local support groups exist to encourage and support homeschooling.
  • Find the applicable homeschooling laws for your state.
  • Plan to attend a convention – most states have one or more.

Home resources for others

Active adult living communities benefit from the use of mobile phones for communication.

Creative activities for adults is a great way to stay busy at home.

Cooking food recipes is for everyone interested in discovering the colonial Williamsburg dining experience. You can use a mobile phone to read this article with your family at home.

How parents can use chatbots to explore historical topics at home

You may be wondering what is a chatbot? You can explore the answer to this question here.

How chatbots can help students keep up with their assignments during a global pandemic.

Chatbot conversation examples include bots that can help students pass exams or master history.

Background information about the use of Facebook messenger for chatbot creation.

Parents can explore how students can use artificial intelligence (AI) to help them learn in can ChatGPT write essays.

For parents who decide homeschooling is not for them

Not all parents have a desire to homeschool their children. If they decide to send their children back to a traditional school, there is an app that can help. PowerSchool's school mobile app helps parents stay informed about their children during the school day.

Will homeschooled children become easily distracted from their studies?

Christmas chronicles is a great way for your homeschooled children to take a break from school to share family Christmas memories.

The impact of social media on today's history students.

Homeschool programs

Government-funded programs vary widely from state to state. Most homeschooling families fund their children’s studies with their own financial resources. The state will pay for specific resources when the homeschool program meets specific state requirements in optional state-based programs.

Homeschooling families often combine some subjects that are not grade- or age-specific. Some of these subjects are history, literature and the arts. For example, children of different ages might study the same historical time period together. They would then be given assignments targeted to a specific age and ability. For studies in other subjects, such as math and reading, a homeschooling parent might tutor each child one-on-one to meet the student’s individual needs. Depending on the ages of the other children in the homeschooling program, they might be working on solo assignments or playing in another room. 

These are most likely the best home education resources to meet their individual and independent learning needs. Using a home education resource is more beneficial to kids who excel in a subject area to keep learning at their own pace. This might prevent boredom because these kids don’t have to wait for other kids to catch up to them before they go on to learn something else. These students have more control over their education. If something they are learning really interests them, they can ask to pursue it further. Maybe they can go on a field trip or talking to experts.

Colleges recognize homeschooling as a legitimate education and as a home education resource . However, these institutions of higher learning require certain subjects and sometimes tests like the SATs. Kids and parents should utilize the best homeschool curriculum reviews to ensure that the homeschooling experience is enough preparation for the student to attend the college of choice or pursue a chosen career.

Homeschooling resources for your children.


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