Information technology education, mobile phones and the power of words

Information technology education includes learning new words for mobile phone technology. Consumer electronics companies sell products to consumers. Mobile phones and mobile phones are part of the consumer electronics marketplace. Copywriters write words that will sell these products. Conversational copywriting is the art of selling using every day words that consumer electronics customers understand.

Spectators watching a Christmas show and taking pictures with mobile phones.Sometimes pictures can tell a story better than words can.

Richard Bayan is an award-winning advertising copywriter and copy chief who wrote a book entitled Words That Sell . His book consists of more than 6,000 words that can help promote and sell mobile phone products and services. This book is like a thesaurus of words and phrases that are used in advertising and other types of promotional writing. Mobile phone copywriters can use these words to promote mobile phones, accessories and services.

Words used in information technology education 

Conversations are comprised of words. Words convey meaning. For example, the mobile phone product is appealing to the prospective buyer words like decorative, vibrant or memorable might be used. Choosing the right word to convey the right meaning is important. Information technology education thus conveys the meanings of complex, technical words in simple every day language that someone looks to purchase on mobile phone can understand.

 Conversational copywriting uses words to communicate thoughts, emotions and ideas in sentences. People use sentences to chat with one another. This is called dialogue. Mobile phone marketers also use words in sentences to sell their products and services. Conversational copywriting appeals to younger audiences. These younger audiences use mobile phone technology and social media to reach out to others.

Conversational words that appeal to young people

Some words that might appeal to young audiences looking for a mobile phone might include knockout, hot, wicked, splashy, trendy, in vogue, now, trendsetting, daring or outrageous. These words are descriptions and benefits used to convey the value of mobile phones products and services. 

Other word categories include product and service descriptions of benefits include appealing, authentic, big or many, choice or control, comfortable and competitive. More words to use are convenient, distinguished or status, durable or solid, easy, exciting or stimulating, fabulous, fun, married, good-looking, improved, indispensable and informative. Other words could be luxurious, made, money saving, moneymaking, new or advanced, popular, powerful and reliable. Results or performance, romantic, superior, suitable, timely, traditional or classic, unusual, useful or practical and valuable complete list of words to use to describe benefits.  

Woman using a mobile phone to take a picture.Mobile phones can be used to capture images that tell a story.

Conversational copywriting for older generations

Other words may appeal to older audiences in search of mobile phone products and services. Some of these words may include taking your pick or while these amazing prices are still in effect. Please don't miss out! Remember time is running out. Take advantage of this special offer while it lasts. You won't find it in any store. You'll be glad you did. All these words and phrases are excellent conversation starters. 

 Marketing mobile phone products and services to a wide range of uses does not have to be complicated. There is no need to use technical jargon and terms. All that is needed are a few simple words to start a conversation. Conversational copywriting is the perfect way to introduce mobile phones and services for sale in today's market place. Information technology education has to be complicated to understand.

Here is a link to a Conversational Copywriting course produced by Nick Usborne, who is the instructor, that you can sign up for...

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