Teen fiction romance novels – chapter nineteen

Teen fiction romance novels include The Olive Tree Covering. Recovery is the title of the nineteenth chapter of teen fiction romance novels.

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“Your father is still in intensive care.” Mother explained as she pulled into a parking space in front of Rahway River Hospital.

“Did the surgery go well?” I opened the door to the passenger seat.

“The doctors are monitoring his progress as he recovers. They explained that it takes weeks before a heart patient adjusts and recuperates from the surgery.” Mom put her keys in her purse.

Ben and I held hands as we walked to the entrance of the hospital. After a few minutes, Ben pulled his hand away. There was a lump in my throat and my stomach grumbled with loud, rumbling noises similar to the time when I had eaten two hot fudge sundaes. Mom noticed that I was lagging behind her and Ben. She stopped walking and waited for me to catch up. As I walked alongside her, she put her arm around my shoulders and I felt the comforting warmth of her body next to mine.

Tamara's Mom reassures her daughter that her father will recover soon in this one of teen fiction romance novels.

“Dad will get well soon.” Mom hugged me.

“I want to believe that but right now I can’t. I’m scared.” Pulling away, I adjusted the knapsack behind my back.

“I know.” Mom walked faster, her clicking heels measured her pace.

Teen fiction romance novels contain some scenes of waiting and hope

When we arrived at the reception area of the hospital, the nurse directed us to the waiting room outside the intensive care unit for heart patients. My right hand rested on the left side of my chest over my rapidly beating heart and waited impatiently for any news about my father’s condition. The steel gray walls in the hall and the smell of antiseptic spray sent shivers down my spine. To alleviate my anxiety about my father’s condition I prayed. It wasn’t pleasant being in this cold, strange place but I wanted to comfort my mother and help her during this time. 

We entered the waiting room and sat down in three adjoining seats. Leaving my jacket buttoned, I took out my history book and studied trying to forget about my father. My mother was anxious to see my father and it was difficult for her to wait.

The nurse entered the waiting room. “Mrs. Sulema, your husband is still in intensive care. You may come in and see him by yourself without your children. I’m sorry.”  

“I'll let you know how he is doing when I get back.” My mother gave each of us a hug before following the nurse down the long hallway.

Ben took out a yo-yo from his pocket and played with it. Ignoring Ben I continued reviewing important facts, dates, places, people, and events in my history book that I thought would be on the test. Ben paced back and forth in front of my chair tossing his yo-yo in the air and pulling it back on the attached string.

Will Tamara do well on her test after she studies for it in this one of teen fiction romance novels?

“Ben, can’t you see I’m studying for a test? Please find another place to toss your yo-yo around.” 

‘Alright.” Ben put the yo-yo back in his pocket and sat down next to me. “I wanted to do something while waiting for Mom to give us some news about Dad.”

“I’m sorry. This must be as hard for you as it is for me.” I hugged my brother.

“How is your father?” Mike entered the waiting room followed by Helen, Mallory, and Pastor Chris.

“We are waiting to hear. My mother is with him in his room this moment.” 

“We should pray for healing for him then.” Pastor Chris took one of my hands. 

Mike held my other hand and Helen, Mallory, and my brother filled in the prayer circle. Several minutes later, my mother prayed with us in the circle. She was smiling and I knew that my father was better.

“My husband is under observation in intensive care. If all goes well he might be able to receive visitors in a few days. Thank you all for coming and for your prayers for him.” My mother hugged both Ben and me. 

A few days later, Mike, Pastor Chris, and I visited my father in his new room. He was awake, alert, and grateful for the company. He looked pale and uncomfortable lying in the hospital bed. His voice sounded weak, distant, and faraway.

My father’s beard felt like sandpaper next to my soft skin as I leaned over to give him a kiss on his right cheek. Pushing away the rubbery tubes from the IV, I adjusted the stiff, cotton sheets around my father’s chest. My father ate the soup that was on his lunch tray. The aroma of chicken noodle soup wafted in the air. My nose wrinkled after smelling the antiseptic odor in my father’s hospital room.

“Thank you for praying for me.” My father put his spoon down on the tray.

“God heals in time and he hears our prayers.” Pastor Chris sat down in the empty chair near the head of my father’s bed.

“I believe that but I don’t understand my daughter’s belief in Jesus.” My father pushed his lunch tray to the right side of his bed.

“Jesus is God’s son. He had a healing ministry. I’d be willing to read the Bible with you and show you the passages relating the story of how Jesus healed the sick.” Pastor Chris took out a small Bible from his pocket.

“I’m open to learning more about it when I’m released from the hospital. Tamara how have you been?” My father adjusted the covers with his left hand.

Tamara tells her father her history test grade at the hospital in this one of teen fiction romance novels.

“I’m all right but I have been worried about you. It was hard for me to concentrate on my history test.” 

“What was your grade?” Dad coughed.


“Don’t worry about your grade. I’ll soon be well after I’ve rested and recovered from the surgery and you will do better in school.” My father closed his bloodshot eyes and dozed.

When my father recovered, I hoped that he would understand the New Testament passages after Pastor Chris explained them to him. A renewed sense of hope that my father would finally understand grew inside my chest like a small mustard seed.      

This one of teen fiction romance novels feature a yo-yo that Ben plays with to get his mind off of his father's illness.

Find out what happens after this chapter in one of many teen fiction romance novels in the last chapter, chapter twenty.

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