Best teen fiction novels – chapter eleven

Best teen fiction novels include The Olive Tree Covering. Unexpected company is the title of the eleventh chapter in best teen fiction novels.

Woodbridge High School in Prince William County, Virginia.Tamara attends a high school like this one.

Best teen fiction novels often have school scenes as part of the plot.

Steadying my heavy tray with both hands while I looked for a seat in the noisy cafeteria at the same time was a challenge. My hamburger smelt overly well done and the French fries looked greasy. Students occupied each table seat, and I was tired of walking around in circles in the cafeteria.

“You can sit with us. My friend is leaving.” Rachel shouted to me as I walked past her table.

“Thanks.” I placed my tray on the table and sat down on the slippery, smooth bench.

“How did you do on the history test?” Rachel chewed her sandwich.

I picked up a French fry and looked at it before inserting it in my mouth. “I got an A.”

“I thought the test was hard. I missed ten questions.” Rachel drank her soda.

“Did you study?” I bit into my hamburger and swallowed hard to push it down my throat.

“Well, maybe a little bit. On second thought not really.” Rachel shrugged her shoulders.

“I thought the test was easy.” I inserted a straw into the milk carton and drank. The cool milk massaged my dry throat.

Best teen fiction novels always include conflict between the characters

Rachel waved. Larry had grabbed the empty seat next to me before I could say anything. There was a knot in my stomach and my palms felt sticky and wet. I swallowed hard trying to calm my nervous stomach while at the same time hoping that my smile would mask the terror pounding in my chest.

“Hey, babe how’s it going?” Larry touched my right shoulder.

“Okay.” I pushed his arm away.

“Hey gorgeous want to get together after school?” Larry whispered in my ear.

“No!” I screamed. Everyone at our table stopped talking and looked at us.

 “I want to get to know you better. Maybe you could explain a few scripture passages to me.”

Not knowing what to say in response, I wondered about the legitimacy of Larry’s motives. Did he really want to read the Bible? I remembered how uncomfortable I felt in Larry’s arms at Rachel’s party. Maybe he would try something else like that again. My stomach growled and I thought I would cough up my lunch.

“Excuse me. I really need to use the restroom.” I rose from my seat in a hurry to avoid making a mess on the lunchroom table and floor.

As I walked away from the table, I felt a hand reach out and grab the bottom of my V shaped neckline blouse. My blouse ripped as I struggled to pull away from Larry’s grasping hand. It wasn’t until I reached the school hallway that I noticed that a piece of thread was hanging down my side from the tear at the back of my top.

The bell rang, signaling the end of the lunch period. I broke into a trot, pushing students aside as I struggled to make my way through the crowded hallways. Heavy footsteps were following me from behind probably belonging to Larry. Mike reached out to grab my arm stopping me from crashing headlong into his open locker.

Are Tamara and Mike in trouble?

“Hi Tamara. Are you okay?” Mike took out the books he needed for his next class.

Larry grabbed me around the waist and kissed me. I struggled to pull away from him and he grabbed the front of my blouse. Trying to push his hand away I was unable to pry my fingers free from his tight grip. Taking a step backwards, the front of my blouse ripped. I covered my exposed bra with both my arms.

Mike punched Larry in the nose and then grabbed him by the shirt collar, knocking him against the locker. Larry pulled out a pocketknife and opened it, pointing the blade directly at Mike’s neck. I screamed hoping someone would intervene so that Mike wouldn’t be hurt. Fortunately, Mr. Keating heard my screams and pushed his way through the crowd.

“Take it easy Larry. Please give me the knife.” Mr. Keating held out his right hand.

“Not after what this jerk did. He gave me a bloody nose and banged me around against the wall.” Larry folded up the knife and held it behind his back.

“You started it. You wouldn’t leave Tamara alone.” Mike released his grip on Larry’s shirt collar.

“So, what’s that to you? Is she your girlfriend?” Larry put the knife back in the right pocket of his pants.

“Tamara, what is all this about?” Mr. Keating put his hand on my arm.

“Larry tried to kiss me when I didn’t want to.” I turned my head away from the crowd of kids that had come to watch us, hiding my wet, damp face with my hands.

“You can explain exactly what happened to Mrs. Wexler in her office.” Mr. Keating motioned for us to follow him down the long hallway to the principal’s office.

A history test was mentioned in this one of best teen fiction novels. Discover how to study for a history test. You can use a mobile phone to study history.

Best teen fiction novels keep the reader in suspense. Find out what happens next in chapter twelve.

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