Young teen romance novels – chapter four

Young teen romance novels include The Olive Tree Covering. Revelation is the title of the fourth chapter in one of the young teen romance novels.

Creek in Prince William Forest Park in Virginia.Mike and Tamara walk to this quiet place.

A barking dog ran in front of my bicycle and chased the doe and fawn back into the woods. Remembering the events of three weeks ago, I pulled the paper with the written address to Ohev Shalom out of my backpack. Maybe Mike would understand about the strain in my relationship with my parents after I told them about my new belief.

I arranged my backpack more comfortably on my shoulders and continued riding my bicycle on Robin Run Way before I reached the intersection and turned right onto Piscataway Parkway, looking for a large industrial park. It was farther down the parkway than I thought, and I was getting very tired, hungry, and thirsty. After pedaling for a few more minutes, I saw a large cluster of two-story buildings up ahead. This must be the industrial park housing Mike’s congregational home.  

Young teen romance novels often have scenes of young couples meeting

I pedaled through the parking lot looking for a sign for Ohev Shalom. There was a huge pile of lumber stacked up near the right wall of one of the buildings. Mike pulled out a large log from the woodpile as I rode towards him, waving.

“Hi,” he waved back. “I’m glad you could come this afternoon.”

“What are you doing?” I parked my bicycle alongside the woodpile.

“I’ll show you. Grab some lumber and follow me.” Mike picked up the log.

Young teen romance novels are packed with interesting things teens are doing.

He picked out a few of the smaller pieces of wood from the pile after I dismounted and parked my bicycle. He walked around the front of the building and held the door open for me. I followed him inside a large warehouse, divided into rooms. He carried the wood across the first empty room to another room in the rear. A large contingent of workers were hammering and sawing wood.

“We are recreating the Second Temple for our new education center.” Mike put the log down on the ground.

I put my wood in a pile next to the huge log. He showed me some architectural drawings for the structure. Mike had told me he wanted to be either an architect or engineer one day. He loved working with his hands and designing things.

“I designed the building with the help of some important scripture passages.” He unrolled the large scroll.

It was loud and noisy in the room. People shouted at each other over the noise of saws, drills, other tools, and the hammering of nails. It looked like a construction site without workers in hard hats and high boots.

Young teen romance novels showcase break times.

Young teen romance novels encourage communication between the two main characters.

I cupped my hands over my mouth and shouted in Mike’s ear. “Can we go somewhere quiet to talk?”  

“Sure.” Mike rolled up the architectural drawings and put them into a closet closest to the outside door.

Mike took my backpack after I tucked my jacket inside. He stored it in a closet and followed me outside into the warm sunshine. We walked side by side in silence for several minutes.

“Where are we going?” My arm rested against his for support after I tripped over a piece of wood on the ground.

“There is a quiet place to talk near a creek in the park. Are you hungry?” He offered me half of the candy bar he pulled out of his shirt pocket.

Creek in Prince William Forest Park in Virginia.Tamara tells Mike her troubles here.

After thanking Mike, I bit off a large chunk of the chocolate. Mike walked ahead of me and I quickened my pace to catch up with him.  He had emerged into a wooded area and was making his way towards a creek.

“It’s beautiful here.” My heart was beating rapidly after the physical exertion of running. The rushing waters of the creek gurgled like soothing music to my ears.

The odor of musty moss blended with the fragrance of many flowers including wild roses, daisies, water lilies, and other wild flowers. My right hand made waves in the cool, muddy creek water and my fingers brushed against the gritty texture of sand and small pebbles. Mike handed me wild blueberries that he had gathered from a nearby shrub. The chocolate bar had left a bittersweet aftertaste in my mouth and the blueberries a dark blue stain on my palms after I pressed them together with both hands. A bird landed on a rock in the middle of the creek. 

Tamara's dilemma

“What did you want to talk to me about?” Mike picked a flower and gave it to me.

“I’m worried about my parents. They don’t understand why I believe in Jesus. I ran away from home this morning to go to Rachel’s birthday party without their permission. I told them I was going to call you to tell you I couldn’t study with you in the library this afternoon. Ben is studying for his bar mitzvah and my family wanted me to go to the synagogue with them.” I inhaled clean, fresh air and exhaled a sigh of relief that I had confided in Mike.

“Jesus will forgive you all your sins if you pray to sincerely accept Him in your heart.” Mike picked up two small stones from the ground and handed one to me.

“Huh?” My fist clenched the small stone confused about how to respond. 

Young teen romance novels often present a solution to a problem.

“We should pray and ask God for His advice.” Mike pressed the palms of his hands together in front of him.

How would praying to God help me overcome my parents’ anger and disappointment with my behavior? Fear kept me from returning home. However, I couldn’t stay away forever. 

 “Dear God, please forgive Tamara and help her to be reconciled with her parents. Please forgive me if I offended her parents in any way. In Jesus’ name.”  Mike threw a stone into the creek. “It’s your turn to pray.” He smiled. 

Praying to God using my own words was a new concept to me so I recited a traditional Hebrew prayer. After I said the prayer, I wiped my eyes with a tissue and blew my nose. The muscles in my abdomen relaxed.

“Throw the stone into the creek. It is symbolic of God’s love and forgiveness so that you could be a Messianic Jew like me.” Mike put his arm around my waist and kissed me on my left cheek.

I threw the stone as hard as I could, releasing it high into the air with my right hand. The stone splashed loudly in the water.

Young teen romance novels often have happy scenes.

“Some of the women fixed us second temple workers a light snack. Let’s go back inside.” Mike took a step towards the building.

The birds were singing and squirrels were chattering and chasing each other up a tree. The water in the creek glimmered in the sunshine. It felt as if I was walking on air and my hair bounced up and down with every step I took. Love and forgiveness took away my guilt about leaving home without permission from my parents. I wondered what Mike was thinking about and if he knew how happy I was to be with him. The two of us walked back through the parking lot with our arms wrapped around one another, not letting go until we reached the warehouse entrance.

Here is more information about the Second Temple in Jerusalem.

The story continues in chapter five of this one of many young teen romance novels.

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