List of teen novels – chapter six

List of teen novels include The Olive Tree Covering. Accident is the title of the sixth chapter in one of the list of teen novels.

Path in Prince William Forest Park, Virginia.The scavenger hunt continues in this wooded trail.

List of teen novels have some accident scenes.

Helen reached into her backpack for a traveling first aid kit and cleansed my bleeding wrist with an antiseptic cloth. She covered the cut with a band-aid and washed out the bloodstain on my sleeve with some water from her water bottle.

Tamara and Helen exchange ideas in this list of teen novels.

“It must be hard on you not having both parents around.” I rubbed my sore ankle.

“It is but when I pray and focus upon godly thoughts, all my fears and anxieties disappear.” Helen put away the antiseptic and package of bandages in her first aid kit.

“Do you think prayer will help with the tension between me and my own parents?” I rotated my left foot.

“It might. Does your ankle hurt when I touch it here?” She pressed the skin against the bones of my left ankle.

“No. It’s starting to feel better now.” I put my hands on the ground for more support.

“Stand up and let’s see if you can walk on it.” She grabbed my right elbow and helped me up.

It was painful at first to stand upright but I was able to take a few wobbly steps away from our parked bicycles. Paul pulled off my front wheel with his wrench and patched up the nail hole in the tire. My ankle hurt when I put pressure on it, but otherwise I was able to walk on it.

“It must not be broken since I can walk. It’s probably a sprain.” I sat down on the ground holding my knees.

“Good. I’m glad you can walk. Maybe I can help give your ankle more support but I don’t have anything to wrap it up with.” Helen examined my swollen ankle.

“There’s a scarf in my backpack.”

Helen pulled out the scarf from my backpack and took off the shoe from the injured ankle. She found two long twigs on the ground near the tree, and placed them on each side, winding the scarf around them.

“I’ll take your suggestion and pray for my parents tonight.” I loosely re-tied my shoelaces.

“Prayer really works for me. God answers my prayers, even though His answers aren’t what I hope for.” Helen handed me my backpack.

Rachel rarely talked about how she felt about God and even less about prayer. Helen was easy to talk to and understood about my relationship with my parents. She could give me the support and friendship I needed when I confronted my parents at home. If I could muster up the courage to go home.

Characters often help one another in this list of teen novels.

“I was able to blow up your bicycle tire, but I’m not sure how long my patch job will hold.” Paul wheeled the bicycle over to the tree and I could see that the front tire was inflated.

“I’m not sure I can ride. I may need the bicycle for a makeshift crutch so I can favor my injured ankle.” I winced in pain as I tried to stand up.

“The mine is a short distance from here.” Andrew helped me up.

The scavenger hunt continues in this list of teen novels

I leaned against my bicycle for support. Andrew walked beside his bicycle looking for nails and scattered pieces of wood. Paul, Helen, and I followed. After ten minutes, we approached a boarded-up indentation in the ground.

Characters in the list of teen novels visit many new places.

“This is the mine.” Andrew pointed with his finger.

We parked our bikes and looked down at the boards. Andrew walked along the edge until came to a small mound of dug up earth.

“We can look around here for the gold.” He pulled up a large chunk of gray metal that glistened in the afternoon sun.

“That doesn’t look like gold.” I examined the piece of gray metal that I held in my palm.

“It’s pyrite. Fool’s gold.” Paul picked up another piece off the ground.

“It will pass for gold since we are only recreating the objects in the Holy of Holies.” Andrew gathered up as many pieces as he could find.

Our scavenger hunters finish picking up the items they need in this list of teen novels.

“What else do we need to get for our list?” Helen put the pieces of pyrite she had found in Paul’s bag.

Andrew pulled out the list from his pocket. “Some pots for holding water and the other plants and flowers on our list.” 

“There are houses not far from the edge of the park where we could ask for the pots. We can gather the flowers and plants on the way.” I kicked my bicycle’s kickstand with my foot.

“I didn’t know there were houses near the park.”

“I passed by them coming to Ohev Shalom.”

We looked at the map and found the pyrite mine. Off to the right a thin line marked the park’s boundary.

“The houses are here.” I pointed to the right of the line.

We headed in the direction of the houses. Andrew and Paul rode their bikes slowly, while Helen and I walked alongside our bicycles following them. A marsh area was on our left, and woods on our right. We heard the croaking of frogs and toads in the marsh. We stopped to pick cattails and other marsh flowers. Paul found a water lily. He had two side baskets in back of his bicycle, which he used to carry the knapsack with the objects we had gathered on our list.

Tamara and Helen continue their conversation in this list of teen novels.

“Is your mother Jewish too?” I picked wildflowers.

“No. She’s a gentile, raised in the Episcopal Church. One of my mother’s friends is a teacher at my school. Last month she recommended we visit Ohev Shalom. We’ve been attending services there ever since.” She pulled up a blue wildflower.

“My father told me that my great grandparents came from Salonika, Greece. They are Sephardic Jews, originally from Spain.” I found a pretty, quartz rock.

“Did they leave during the Inquisition in 1492?” Helen walked around the grassy area looking for other flowers for her collection.

“Yes.” I picked a few daisies.

Helen and I put the wildflowers we had gathered into the bag that Paul carried behind him. 

Path in back of houses.The scavenger hunt team is ready to return home along this path in back of some houses.

The end of the scavenger hunt

Andrew motioned for us to move on, and we made our way slowly along the winding path between the marsh and the woods. I breathed in the musty, dank odor of moss and weeks gathering along the edges of the path as we rode past the murky water. Both Paul and Andrew were now walking alongside their bicycles admiring the scenery. Andrew stopped walking and pointed to his left. A mother and her fawn ate the leaves of plants and low branches of the trees. Maybe they were the ones I saw after leaving Rachel’s house. Helen and I gathered some pinecones, pine needles, and branches from the forest floor and stored them in Paul’s knapsack.

We walked faster until we came to a path in the forest closer to the sound of voices and a barking dog. There was a musty smell in the air, similar to the odor of burning leaves. Paul and Andrew hopped on their bicycles and rode ahead. Helen and I walked faster pushing our bicycles. I leaned on my bicycle to give my injured foot support. It was starting to throb from all the extra weight I had put on it.

The scavenger hunters head home in this list of teen novels.

We came to the edge of the forest. Mike’s team had gathered at the edge of the woods and looked at the houses across the street on Robin’s Run Way. We saw smoke in the distance and I hoped it wasn’t coming from Rachel’s house. I remembered she told me they were planning to have a large bonfire at the luau. Paul and two others rode back to Ohev Shalom to wait for their rides home. Mike, Helen, Mallory, Andrew, and I turned to the left in the direction of the smoke streams we saw rising high in the air.

Discover more about the history of the pyrite mine located at Prince William Forest Park in Virginia.

List of teen novels continues in chapter seven.

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