Best teen love novels – chapter ten

Best teen love novels include The Olive Tree Covering. Questions and answers are the title of the tenth chapter in best teen love novels.    

Nationals Park -- baseball stadium in Washington, DC.Tamara's father loves baseball.

“Where is my bicycle?” I barged into Ben’s room without knocking first.

“Isn’t it where you left it?” Ben looked up at me over the magazine he was reading.

“No. Mom said you sold it. Why?” 

“Why did you throw away my magazines? I was going to make money selling those. I talked to Dad about it and he said that I could sell your bicycle instead.” Ben rolled over and stared at the wall.

“Ben, you are impossible!” I ran out of his room, slamming the door behind me.

Best teen love novels showcase the main charater's emotions.

Angel followed me into my own bedroom and lay down next to me on the bed. She purred and licked my hand after I hugged her and rubbed her back. Angry as I was that my brother sold my bicycle without asking me about it first, I realized that I shouldn’t have thrown away his magazines in retaliation for his relentless teasing about my relationship with Mike.

Jesus was right when He said deal with anger by turning the other cheek. I wondered if my life would be different if I accepted my parent’s faith unconditionally. The stress of being the lone, black sheep in our family was unnerving. My faith in Jesus as the promised messiah would be greatly facilitated if my parents were more like Joseph and Mary who supported and loved their son in spite of their differences.

My mother’s way of dealing with the conflicting beliefs was to give me more time to consider my faith choices in my room. She realized that I was confused about some things my parents had said after we returned home from the meeting with Rabbi Mendelsohn. To demonstrate her understanding of my situation she offered to make dinner if I agreed to load the dishwasher afterwards.

Best teen love novels usually have conversations centered around meals.

At dinner my father said the prayer before meals and everyone in my family delved into the spaghetti except for me. After my mother commented about me not eating, I took a few bites of my food to please my mother.

“Dad, I have a question.” I played with the peas on my plate.

“What is it?” My father swallowed the food he had been chewing.

“Why do you hate Jesus?” I set my fork on the table next to my plate.

My father stared at me in silence with an open mouth. He frowned and I could imagine the angry steam pouring out of both of his ears. It was as if my father had aimed his bow and arrow directly at my heart piercing it and causing it to bleed. My hands trembled in my lap and I was afraid to look directly into my father’s eyes. Perhaps he would pile on additional punishments because I asked him a question about a taboo subject.  

“I’ll come up later to speak with you, Tamara.” My father waved his hand at me, signaling I could go upstairs to my room.

The main characters in best teen love novels always have a homework assignment to do.

In my room I turned on my computer, put a CD on, and attempted to do some of my homework. It was going to be a long, lonely evening in my room. To avoid thinking about the confrontation downstairs I began the online research for my history paper, even though it wasn’t due for another two weeks. There were some interesting facts about my Jewish heritage while I was researching the history of Spain on the internet.

“Tamara are you busy? Can we talk for a minute?” My father stood calmly in the doorway smiling and waiting for my response.

“Sure, Dad.” Encouraged by my father’s calm, serene expression I rose from my seat and hugged my father.

He sat in the chair beside mine near the computer. My father looked over my shoulder at the web page on the screen. It was an article about the Spanish Jews.

“This article is good.” My father placed his hand on my shoulder.

 “Dad, why didn’t our family accept Jesus?” My father’s warm smile encouraged me to try again.

My father's story

Whenever my father was silent, I knew that he was engrossed in his own thoughts. Maybe there was still hope that he would come to understand why I had accepted Jesus in my heart as my personal savior. Inside my stomach was turning repeatedly like the ball of yarn Angel was playing with on my bed. I prayed silently and hoped for the best.

Best teen love novels often have characters relate and share other stories with each other.

“Tamara, years ago while I was growing up, I lived in a neighborhood with a diverse background. There were Jews, Greeks, Italians, Polish, and others from different nationalities. There was a group of boys who always gathered to play baseball. I loved the game and dreamed of making it to the minor leagues one day. All I wanted to do was play ball with the other boys who were different from me. I thought anyone in the neighborhood could play. I picked up the bat and was ready to swing the ball.    

‘Get away from us you lousy Jew.’ One of the boys on the sideline started throwing rocks at me.

‘Why are you being so mean to me?’ I threw the bat down on the ground and tried to stop the tears flowing down my cheeks.

‘You killed Jesus that’s why. Now get out of here you creep!” One of the boys threw a rock at me.

FenceTamara's father felt locked out of the baseball game he couldn't play with the other boys in his neighborhood.

I couldn’t take it anymore. I cried while I ran towards the safety of my house. My father told me that my Jewish ancestors were forced to leave Spain in 1492 because they didn’t want to convert to Christianity. I stayed away from those boys after that and my short-lived baseball career ended.”

“I’m sorry that those boys were mean to you, Dad. I don’t think that Mike or my other friends at Ohev Shalom will taunt me because I’m Jewish. I feel safe and wanted there.” I gave my father a kiss on the cheek.

“Tamara, I’m trying to protect you from being hurt the way I was. I love you very much and it would be better if you could stay away from Ohev Shalom. Your mother will heat up the rest of your dinner if you are still hungry.” My father stroked my hair before leaving my room.

Wiping my eyes with a tissue, I thought about how mean those boys were to my father. Although they had hurt him years ago, I didn’t understand why my father chose to dismiss Jesus because of that incident. It was harder to reach out to my father to console him from his hurt because he did not believe in forgiveness and healing as I did. I wanted to rush downstairs and hug my father, but something held me back. It was like a weight on my foot firmly holding me in place in my room. Later, I turned out the light and fell asleep on my bed.

What is antisemitism? This isn't usually part of best teen love novels.

The next chapter after best teen love novels is chapter eleven.

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