Latest teen novels – chapter seventeen

Latest teen novels include The Olive Tree Covering. Hospital Stay is the title of the seventeenth chapter of latest teen novels.

Outdoor table setting.Not exactly a hospital cafeteria. However, these tables are ready for an outdoor meal.

Tamara arrives at Rahway River Hospital in this one of the latest teen novels.

After Mrs. Brille turned off the engine, I grabbed Angel and jumped out of the van running in the direction of the emergency entrance of Rahway River Hospital. Ben hopped out of the van and trailed after me in an effort to keep up with my frantic pace. At the entrance, I waited for Ben, Mike, and Mike’s mother. All four of us entered the building and waited in front of the receptionist desk.

“We are here to see my father, Aaron Brille.” Angel nearly jumped out of my arms.

“Yes, he is in room four of the emergency room.” The hospital receptionist peered at me over her computer monitor. “However, I can’t let you go in to see your father while you are holding your kitten. We have a kennel for pets in the north wing of the hospital.”

“Thank you.” Taking a copy of the hospital map, I folded it up and put it in my pocket.

“Ben and I will find your mother.” Mrs. Brille walked in the direction of the emergency room door. “Mike, go with Tamara to look for the kennel.”

Tamara and Mike find their way to the hospitals kennel for pets in this one of the latest teen novels.

The moans and groans of people seriously ill resounded in the hospital hallway as we walked past their rooms. Their suffering tore at my heart and I refused to look at the patients in casts or at the crowds of hospital attendants and visitors crowded around a hospital bed. Doctors and nurses passed by us in the hall. We walked single file against the wall as an orderly navigated a stretcher around the corner. Covering my mouth I coughed clearing my lungs from the intake of air filled with chloroform, iodine, and other medicine smells. My tongue could almost taste the dank, bitter aftertaste of medicine poured down my own throat. My fingers felt the rough texture of a white plastered wall that I leaned against for support.

Latest teen novels often portray characters facing many obstacles.

“Are you alright?” Mike held me under my arms and helped me regain my balance.

“I feel slightly nauseous because of the medicine and antiseptic odors.” I shifted Angel’s weight in my arms.

In this one of the latest teen novels, Mike offers comfort and support to Tamara.

Mike held me close to him the rest of the way to the kennel. After we dropped off Angel, I dreaded going back through the same hospital halls to the emergency waiting room. Mike quoted scripture and prayed for my father with me on the way back. Ignoring the hospital scenery helped me to become acclimated to the hospital atmosphere.

“Hi Mom. How’s Dad?” Trying to keep a calm demeanor, I hugged my mother.

“The doctors are examining him now. I was told to wait here.” She motioned for me to sit down next to her.

“Thank you for bringing Ben and Tamara.” My mother shook Mrs. Brille’s hand.

“No problem. I hope everything will turn out well for your husband.” Mrs. Brille adjusted her skirt as she sat down on the other side of my mother.

Tamara and Mike find a place to talk in this one of the latest teen novels

“I’m hungry. Tamara, let’s find the cafeteria.” Mike took my hand.

“Mom, do you need me?” I stood up.

“No. Go ahead. Ben and Mrs. Brille will keep me company.” Mom grabbed Ben’s arm and pulled him down into the seat I had vacated.

“We can stay for an hour, but then we will have to get back. Mike’s father will be home from work and will be expecting dinner.” Mrs. Brille looked at her watch.

“We won’t stay in the cafeteria too long.” Mike wrapped his left arm around my shoulder.

We walked around the hospital halls arms wrapped around each other. Being surrounded with the warmth of Mike’s arms helped me to feel safe. Becoming a Christian curtailed my anger with my father and my faith gave me a quiet reassurance that things would work out for the best in time. The realization that my father might not always be there helped me to forget about my father’s refusal to allow me to attend Rachel’s party. Mike held the door to the cafeteria open for me with one hand and pulled me inside with the other.

“I hope my father will recover. I’m worried that he won’t make it.” My stomach growled and I wasn’t sure if I could eat anything.

“Your father will get well, Tamara.” Mike took a tray form a stack next to the counter.

“I know. I only wish he believed like we do.” I picked up a tray and wiped my moist palms against the sides of my jeans. After looking over the desserts, I changed my mind and put the tray back in the bin.

“He will one day, Tamara. You have to have faith and keep praying for a change of direction in his heart.” Mike chose a banana cream pie and chocolate milk.

Mike paid for his selection and we found a seat near the window. He looked at his watch. Studying Mike, I realized how far we had come in our relationship. He would provide me with the secure, comfortable feeling that I had with my parents when I was little. His hazel eyes drew me in with their intensity and ability to look beneath my outward appearance. He understood my innermost thoughts and listened to me whenever I needed a friend. All of my previous anxiety and tension was gone. The renewed sense of hope stirred deep within me an optimistic outlook that I had never experienced before. I wanted to dance, sing, and shout to the world how much I loved Mike.

“We should head back.” Mike picked up his tray and dumped it into the trash bin.

Tamara is worried about the health of her father in this one of the latest teen novels.

A nurse was talking to my mother when we entered the waiting area outside the emergency room. Mike reached for my sweaty palm with his right hand. The feel of his warm skin on mine had a calming effect on my nerves as I braced myself for bad news about my father. I took a deep breath and walked over to where my brother and Mrs. Brille were sitting. My mother joined us after the nurse left the room.

“Your father needs surgery to widen the blocked arteries to his heart.” My mother wiped away a tear with a tissue. “Mrs. Brille will take us home. Your father needs some things. I will keep him company at the hospital when I return.”

We stopped by the kennel on the way back to the hospital exit. The smells of kitty litter combined with cleaning fluids filled my nostrils. I dashed past rows of wired cages until I saw Angel behind the bars of one of the cages. My fingers reached into Angel’s cage to stroke her warm fur. Angel purred, happy to see me. From the expression in her eyes, I knew she thought I had deserted her. She scratched at my arm with her paws as if to tell me that I should never leave her in a place like the kennel again.

The attendant opened the door and Angel eagerly jumped out. Scooping the warm fur of her body up into my arms, I thanked the attendant and followed Mike out of the kennel.

Thinking about the surgery my father had to undergo, I clambered into the van still clinging desperately to my kitten. My thoughts drifted back once again to the events leading up to and after Rachel’s party and I realized that my rebellious actions hurt my father. The pangs of guilt felt like many pins were piercing my heart. Perhaps it was my fault that my father lay too ill to speak in the emergency room of the hospital. I could only wait, hope, and pray that my father’s surgery would go well and that the doctors would be able to help my father to heal.

In this one of the latest teen novels, Tamara's father has a heart attack. What causes a heart attack?

Find out if Tamara's father recovers from his heart surgery and is healed in chapter eighteen. This is the next chapter in this one of the latest teen novels.

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