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Table setup for a party.Read teen novels online to discover a table seating arrangement for a party.

Andrew, Helen, and Mallory rode their bikes in the direction of the last house on Robin’s Run Way. Mike noticed that I limped while leaning against my bicycle for support. He walked his bicycle alongside mine and expressed his concern about my injured ankle. It was getting late and we were hungry. We heard loud music coming from Rachel’s back yard. She was still having her party. The meat she had roasting on a large, smoking bonfire in the middle of the yard smelled delicious. 

“I’m glad you came back. I see you brought some friends with you. You are welcome to join us for dinner.” Rachel pointed to some benches and chairs.

There were more people at the party then before. Some were dancing to music from the live band. Others looked like they were playing charades. Most were drinking beer and wine, although one or two were drinking sodas and bottled water. I wondered what my friends from the Ohev Shalom youth group thought about Rachel’s party.

“This is Larry.” Rachel introduced the beer breath guy, who had accosted me at the refrigerator earlier in the day.

“Hey,” he waved.

“Won’t your neighbors complain about the loud music?” I moved closer to Mike.

“We are the last house at the end of the street. Larry and his mother live next door and they are both at my party.” Rachel took another sip from her wine cooler.

Andrew and Mallory came back with plates loaded with food. Mike, Helen, and I grabbed paper plates and looked over the offerings on picnic tables set up behind the house and away from the large bonfire. Fried chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, steak, and a variety of salads were heaped on paper plates. We filled our plates, sat down to listen to the music, and observed the dancers.

Food and beverages on a table.Food and beverages ready for a party.

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Sparks flew from the fire and one hit the woodshed in the backyard. It started a small fire. I grabbed Mike’s arm and pointed at the flames. Someone shouted fire and a few of us grabbed pails of water to throw on the flames. A few minutes after I doused the flames with water, a spark from the bonfire landed on my makeshift bandage. Mike pushed me to the ground and stamped out the flame near my foot. The flame was extinguished and I didn’t notice any burns on my injured leg.

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Our efforts at putting out the fire with water failed, and the flames spread into the nearby woods starting a small forest fire. The lump that had formed in my throat passed into my stomach like a cherry pit I had swallowed with the rest of the cherry. I coughed trying to clear the phlegm that had Our efforts at putting out the fire with water failed, and the flames spread into the nearby woods starting a small forest fire. The lump that had formed in my throat passed into my stomach like a cherry pit I had swallowed with the rest of the cherry. I coughed trying to clear the phlegm that had sledgehammer was hitting one side of my head and I sobbed in pain. Within minutes, we heard the wail of sirens speeding down Robin’s Run Way. The tension in my stomach muscles abated and I hoped my friends survived the fire.

The fire trucks and ambulance pulled up in front of the house. Soon a few firefighters were battling the flames putting out the shed fire. It took them an hour to contain the small forest fire. After the smoke cleared, I breathed in fresh air. My headache was gong away. 

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Rachel’s parents arrived in the middle of the commotion and they weren’t happy. The band packed up and Rachel’s friends helped her extinguish the bonfire and clean up the mess. Andrew, Helen, and Mallory told us that they were going back to Ohev Shalom to wait for their families to take them home. They waved goodbye and walked to where their bicycles were parked in front of the house. Mike told me he would call his mother to come pick us up at Rachel’s house but he had something to give me first. We found a grassy spot away from the noise and commotion.

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“I had been waiting for the right time to give this to you.” Mike pulled a small box out of his right pocket.

Inside the box was a folded piece of paper and a Star of David necklace with a cross in the middle. I opened the note and read:

Why is there poetry when you read teen novels online?

Your hair and eyes are so beautiful,

Radiant in the sunlight so plentiful.

This necklace is a small token of my love.

Shared from my heart as my eyes look above. 

“It’s beautiful. Thank you.” I held it up to my neck and Mike fastened the clasp. 

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I was glad that I received this token of love from someone with whom I could share my new faith, thoughts, hopes and dreams. Down deep in my heart, I felt something warm and tingly that I had never felt before. My heart pounded and my cheeks were warm when I touched them with my hands. Mike expressed his love respectfully to me and was becoming more than a friend.

Mike went into the house to use Rachel’s phone to call his mother. In a few minutes, Mike’s mother and van arrived. I was ready to face my parents at home. Mike loaded my bicycle in back of the van and both of us crawled into the back seat. He put his arm around my right shoulder and I rested my head against his chest. After a fifteen-minute ride, the van pulled up the driveway of our house. Mike helped me out of the van and we stood close together looking up at the stars in the sky.

“I have a spare tire at home that I can give you. I’ll bring your bike back when it’s fixed.”

What happens when a parent suddenly appears as you read teen novels online?

Mike held me close to him and kissed me tenderly on the lips. My father opened the door to our house and stood outside. I pushed Mike away from me and looked down at the ground embarrassed. My head felt warm when I touched it with the palm of my right hand. I brushed away the perspiration from my forehead and pulled out the olive branch from my left pants pocket.

“This must be where I am on this branch and this is where my father is now.” I pointed to different places on the olive branch.

“Yes. In time your father might come to understand,” Mike held my hand.

I hope so. He doesn’t look very understanding now. I’d better go inside.” I slowly pulled my hand away from Mike’s grasp and walked towards the entrance worried about my father’s reaction toward my earlier behavior.

“Goodnight, Tamara.” Mike waved.

Is Tamara in trouble

“What happened to your ankle?” My father saw the torn scarf wrapped around my leg.

“I fell while riding my bicycle.” I took off my backpack and followed my father into the living room.

“Your bicycle? You rode off on your bike without saying goodbye? Why is your bandage singed and dirty?” My father put his hands on his hips.

“There was a fire at Rachel’s house. While I was helping put it out, my scarf caught on fire. Mike pushed me to the ground and put out the fire surrounding my injured leg.” I threw my backpack onto the nearest armchair.

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“You weren’t supposed to be at Rachel’s house. You disappointed your brother by not coming with us to the synagogue this afternoon. You disobeyed my instruction to call Mike and tell him you couldn’t meet with him today. I’ll have to discuss this with your mother later. Right now, I think we should go to the hospital and have them look at your ankle.” My father went upstairs to get the keys to the car.

My father was struggling to stay calm. While turning off the living room lights no words were adequate to atone for the mistakes I had made. My father was quiet during the twenty-minute drive to the Rahway River Hospital.

“Tamara, I’m very disappointed with your behavior today.” My father added our names to the waiting list at the receptionist desk in the emergency room reception area. The waiting room was packed with many patients.

“I’m sorry Dad.”

“I’ve decided that we aren’t going to the movies after dinner tomorrow evening.” My father opened the newspaper that he found on the seat next to him.

After waiting for an hour, the emergency room nurse called my name. In the back room, the nurse took x-rays of my ankle and the doctor examined both the x-rays and the injured ankle. My father stayed in the waiting room and waited for the doctor to speak to him.

“The x-rays show no broken bones and there is a small burn on her ankle that will heal in time. Your daughter sprained her ankle in the fall. I’ll prescribe some ointment for the burn and will wrap her ankle up before you go. If you have any other questions or concerns you can contact me at this number.” The doctor gave my father his business card.

“I can’t believe you lied to us.” My father clenched the steering wheel with both hands during the long drive home. “Where did I go wrong?”

“Dad, don’t blame yourself. It was my fault.” I looked down at my clasped hands resting in my lap.

I didn’t like to do thing that disappointed my father by making him angry and sad. My temples pounded and all I could hear in my head was a low, steady thumping sound like someone constantly beating a drum. My leg and ankle hurt and I wanted to go home for some rest and warm milk to help settle my upset stomach.

At home, I grabbed my backpack from off the chair and limped upstairs to my room. My father spoke loudly to my mother when he was angry and upset and I could hear him as I lay on my bed in my room. My mother sobbed something in response and I cuddled Angel’s warm fur against my face. 

A half an hour later the house was quiet. My parents must have gone to sleep and I changed into my pajamas. I read Mike’s note again memorizing the words of the poem before I turned out the light on the nightstand next to my bed. Soon I was fast asleep and dreaming of Mike, unaware that the slip of paper I held in my hand fell to the floor.

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