Best romance novels teen – chapter fourteen

Best romance novels teen includes The Olive Tree Covering. Coming of age is the title of the fourteenth chapter in best romance novels teen.

I slipped into my brand new blue and gold dress and turned around to look at myself in the mirror. The cool satin texture brushed against my skin and the dress billowed at the bottom. The swishing sound that the hem made against my legs reminded me of the serenity of the Rahway River. It was soothing music to my ears. I held the edge of my skirt up to my nose and breathed in the aroma of new fabric. The aftertaste of the mint I finished chewing left a clean, fresh taste on my tongue and added to my happy mood as I posed in the mirror.

Reading Torah in a Synagogue.Ben was expected to read from the Torah for his Bar Mitzvah ceremony.

We arrived at the synagogue two hours before Ben’s ceremony was to begin. In the sanctuary my brother and father said the Hebrew blessings before wrapping their prayer shawls around their shoulders. They sat in the men’s section and all the men were wearing yarmulkes or head coverings. A few minutes later Mike joined them. Mike’s mother sat next to Helen and her mother in the women’s section one row behind my mother and me.

Rabbi Mendelsohn appeared in his long, flowing black robes and led us in the traditional Hebrew prayers always recited on Shabbat our Saturday of worship and rest. Rabbi Mendelsohn removed the Torah scrolls from the open ark and handed the scrolls to my brother.

Ben's Bar Mitzvah ceremony

In this one of best romance novels teen we are introduced to what happens at an Orthodox Jewish bar mitzvah ceremony.

Ben carried the scrolls to our section and each person touched the scrolls with a prayer book and then kissed the prayer book as a sign of respect and reverence for God’s word. Next, my brother led the Torah procession around the room twice and carried the scrolls up to the platform where he would read from the Torah, also known as the bima. Rabbi Mendelsohn removed the decorated cloth covering the scrolls and placed the Torah on the reading table.

My father, mother, and I stood as we listened to Ben read from the holy Hebrew Scriptures. It was a joy for me to hear Ben read selections from one of the first five books of the Old Testament. The Hebrew words were my confirmation from God that I now belonged to Him. For the first time since leaving home to attend Rachel’s party, I experienced inner peace, joy, and happiness. Finally, I was ready to forgive my brother for his teasing me about my relationship with Mike.   

“Mazl Tov Benjamin. You are now a man and will be part of a minyan of ten adult men needed for a worship service.” Rabbi Mendelsohn held up the Torah scrolls in front of the congregation.

Ben helped put the elaborately embroidered cover over the rolled-up scrolls. He waited until the rabbi put the Torah scrolls back in the enclosed ark behind the bima and joined my father in the men’s section.

After the service, we gathered downstairs in the social hall for Ben’s traditional bar mitzvah party. The musky odor of the challah bread blended with the sweet fragrant scent of various pastries, cookies and pies. The aroma of hot, steaming chicken soup and other dishes greeted my nostrils. The colorful papier-mâché model of our synagogue’s Torah scrolls contrasted with the drab, gray walls of the room.

Best romance novels teen keep the drama going

“Ben, wait for Rabbi Mendelsohn to say the Kiddush.” My mother pulled him away from the table filled with cookies, candy, and other treats.

Lighting candles for a party.Lighting the candles before Ben's Bar Mitzvah celebration.

After everyone had gathered in the room, Rabbi Mendelsohn led us in the recitation of the blessings over the bread and wine. Ben grabbed a plate and loaded it up with stacks of food. The room buzzed with the sound of animated chatter as groups of people sat around tables enjoying the food. Children exchanged food from their plates and chased each other around the tables while the adults gave them looks of disapproval. 

After I finished chewing a sweet cream puff, I walked over to the beverage table. I could smell the rich aroma of the dark liquid that Mike finished pouring for his mother. I found a cup and poured hot water over the tea bag, watching the steam evaporate in the air.

“Nice party, Tamara.” Mike handed his mother the coffee mug.

“Thanks. Ow.” I pulled my hand away from the hot water spigot. “I should be more careful next time.”

“Did you burn your hand?” Mike took my hand in his.

“No.” I rubbed away the bright red spot on my thumb. “My brother is opening up his presents and I want to see them.” I carried the hot tea to my mother who was standing in front of the table piled high with bar mitzvah presents.

“This is so great.” Ben took out the tallit from its box and tried it on.

“I’m glad you like it.” I handed my mother the hot beverages I held carefully with both hands.

“Congratulations Ben. Maybe one day you will be baptized like your older sister Tamara.” Helen shook Ben’s hand.

“What’s this I hear about Tamara being baptized?” My father set his plate on a nearby table.

In this one of best romance novels teen, Tamara's new friend Helen comes to her rescue.

“She’s a new Christian.” Helen wrapped her arm around my shoulder.

Tamara's mother explains to her husband why she let Tamara go to Ohev Shalom in this one of best romance novels teen.

“I gave her permission to go to Ohev Shalom last Wednesday afternoon after school. I thought it was for a special fall feasts celebration.” My mother sat down balancing her teacup carefully on her lap.

“Elizabeth, why didn’t you tell me the truth before? I thought Tamara was behind in one of her classes and needed extra help after school.” My father struggled to speak in a calm even-tempered tone.

“I thought you would be angry if I told you the truth about where Tamara was last Wednesday.” My mother sipped her tea.

“I hate being lied to!” My father shouted in a high-pitched voice, his veins protruding from his neck.

“Dad are you alright?” I rushed to his side.

“Yes. Please leave me alone. I don’t need your help.” My father motioned with his hand signaling I should move away from him.

“What’s wrong? Anything I can do to help?” Mike walked over to our side of the room from where he had been conversing with his mother.

“How did you get in here? We didn’t invite you.” My father raised his right fist and shook it at Mike.

“Tamara did.” Mike scratched his right temple.

“I also invited some of my other friends from Ohev Shalom.” I reached for Mike’s hand.

“Ben, go help your mother clean up. Tamara, we’ll discuss this later at home. I’m disappointed with your behavior!” My father rose from his seat and walked towards Rabbi Mendelsohn on the other side of the room.

In this one of best romance novels teen, the main character Tamara is in a difficult position. She doesn't understand why her father can't accept her personal belief in Jesus as her savior.

My brother was the faithful, dutiful son and I was the disobedient, rebellious daughter who disappointed her own father. My right hand brushed against my cold, wet cheek and a deep sadness engulfed me because my world was falling apart. I wrapped my jacket around my shoulders and left the social hall. Mike followed me still holding my hand.

Best romance novels teen convey new information. For example, what is Orthodox Judaism?

Best romance novels teen keep the story going. For example, you can continue reading chapter fifteen of The Olive Tree Covering to discover what will happen next.

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