How the School mobile app helps you take attendance

School mobile app gives you instant access to your child’s progress in school. You will know if your children are attending class. Teachers will notify you when your child or children need help with school assignments. Get instant reports about your children while they are in school. 

The School mobile app is a great way for both parents and students to track student attendance and grades in real-time. Imagine an app that can reduce parental stress and worry about your children’s academic success. Imagine getting rave reports about how well your children are doing in school. 

Kids will want to learn in school

Your children will learn to be more responsible for his or her education. They will have improved classroom attendance. Your children will take the initiative when it comes time for doing homework and studying for exams on their own. 

As a parent, you can spend less time pushing them to study and more time helping them with subjects they don’t understand. Your child will spend more time listening to teachers while in school. 

Students will begin taking their education more seriously. When parents have more information about how their children are doing in school, kids will be motivated to become better students. 

The school mobile app sends parents instant notifications about student grades and attendance

Mobile notifications tell parents when teachers update classroom grades and attendance. You will know in real-time when your children are excelling in class. When your student or students need more help with homework or tests, you will be ready to help them. Real-time student engagement is an important element of K-12 education.

Get instant teacher access

The app’s secure parent portal helps you stay in touch with your children’s teachers. Teachers can easily communicate any issues or discipline problems with you. You will then know what to do to resolve these problems in the classroom. 

Parents can help their children do better in school by monitoring their classroom attendance, behavior and grades. The result – better attendance and higher grades leads to successful students who are better prepared to enter the 21st century workforce.

Stay current with timely email reports

Parents will also receive daily, weekly or monthly email reports about their children in their own language. This will help you to strengthen your relationship with your child. 

When you know what homework your child’s teacher has assigned, you can make sure the homework assignment is completed on time. You can make sure your that your kids won’t miss important homework assignments. 

Learn what's happening at your student's school

You can find out in an instant what is happening at your child’s school. The  mobile app provides access to daily bulletin boards and an integrated family calendar. This information makes it easier for you to arrange parent/teacher conferences. You will know more about how your child responds in the classroom. This knowledge will help you correct any behavioral problems or issues. You will be in a better position to encourage your child’s student performance.

PowerSchool mobile app to keep track of girl scouts marching in a Christmas parade.This mobile app can also be used to find out about various school activities. For instance a parent could find out when her child's girl scout troop is marching in a Christmas parade.

One parental account for everything

The app will allow you to access student information about all of your children with one parental account. As a parent, you can monitor the behavior of all your school-aged children. This makes it easier to receive school reports. You will receive information about school attendance, grades and other classroom behavioral issues for all your children. 

Because of your more in-depth parental involvement, your children will become successful students. They will achieve higher grades because of increased attendance and motivation to complete all assignments in school and at home.   

There is one drawback to an otherwise very useful app. Be careful when adding updates to the School mobile app. These updates are not reliable when it comes to accurately reporting school information. The mobile app developers are looking for feedback from users, so they can improve the app’s performance. However, it shouldn’t stop you from purchasing this app to receive information about your child or children while they are in school.

What others have to say about the School mobile app

Tony Newman, Assistant Superintendent, Ramona USD, CA recommends using the mobile app. “I think the School mobile app is genius. What I love about it is it helps my sons take responsibility for their learning. It helps them take ownership.”

A student, Jason O. Wright Jr. writes, “I love the new School mobile app because it tells me when new assignments have been added and what new assignment just got scored and it also help me stay motivated in school…”

Darla Ford, who has children in high school, said she appreciates getting immediate notification when her children are counted absent or tardy. “I have high schoolers, so I’ll just text them and say, “you were counted absent, where are you,” Ford said. “You’re counted tardy, why are you not in school.”

Why should I get this app?

Here are a few of the benefits of downloading the School mobile app…

  • Real-time, instant access
  • Engagement your way
  • Strengthen the relationship with your student
  • Easily communicate with teachers
  • Easy access to all of your children
  • Know what’s going on at the school

Here's how to get it

The School mobile app is available as a free download at Google Play or at the Apple App Store. If you want your kids to do better in school, then get the free School mobile app today. Another teaching and learning resource.

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