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Education resources center is the place to go for information about educational technology. Teachers might be able to share experiences and tips on how to cope with the technological changes in education with both parents and students. What experiences have you had with educational technology?

Back view of Woodbridge High School in Woodbridge, Virginia.Schools should adapt to the changing technological landscape in education.

You may have questions about augmented and virtual reality, robotics, computers, mobile phone devices, and computer networks all supporting today’s educational technology challenges. You can address your concerns by filling out the form below this paragraph. 

What is educational technology?

Do you have any questions, experiences, tips or comments you would like to share about your use of educational technology in and out of the classroom?

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Tech gives the quietest students a voice. 
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What is the difference between STEM and STEAM? 
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How does VEX robotics engage students in STEM subjects? 
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Find technology information in the education resources center

Education resources center provides helpful tips, answers and stories about how educators can use technology to combine customized learning with personalized instruction. The goal of a more personalized approach is to provide students with individualized instruction. Teachers can pay attention to the needs of one student without disrupting the education of the other students in the same class.

Recent advances in technology have simplified personalized learning. Flipped classrooms, project-based learning and blended learning are all strategies today’s teachers use to facilitate both customized learning with personalized instruction.

STEM and STEAM are popular terms in education today. STEM or science, technology, engineering and math are preparing students for the technological challenges of tomorrow’s workplace. STEAM combines the arts instruction with instruction in science, technology, engineering and math.

Today’s educational environment has opened the doors to distance learning and the homeschooled approach to education. Educators and parents face challenges when it comes to adapting this new technology needed to support the way students learn today.

Students are learning to code in elementary school. Chatbots are becoming popular when it comes to personalized learning. Computers, tablets and mobile devices are everywhere in school buildings or in students’ homes. Networks facilitate distance learning from a student’s home to a teacher in a classroom. 

Educators should provide secure testing environments, deliver on-demand content and maintain student engagement as a part of the education resources center. Educational technology can help educators achieve all these objectives. Asking the right questions helps prepare students understanding preparation for tests and quizzes about the information students are learning and studying. Chatbots can help students study at home with carefully prepared chatbot scripts that ask students questions about the material they have been studying to help prepare them for in-class assessments.

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