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How basics of mobile communication connects people with one another 

Adults at Great Falls park using mobile phones.

Basics of mobile communication affects more than five billion mobile phone users across a huge global network. Explore the different ways people of all generations use mobile phones to connect with one another at Mobile Phones Research.

Basics of mobile communication and kid's playground.

Kids learn the basics of mobile communication at an early age

More parents are buying mobile phones for their children. Learn why mobile phones in school is a controversial issue. Are mobile phones an educational resource? Or are mobile phones a distraction to teachers in the classroom? Find out more about kids and mobile phones.

Teens marching and playing their instruments in a parade.

Teens love mobile phones and social media

Teens are very socially active and reach out to others using their mobile devices to stay socially connected, take selfies, watch sports or for other interests. Learn why teens are attracted to mobile phones.

Father and son enjoy looking at the waterfall at Great Falls park.

Millennials and Generation X use mobile phones, too

Mobile phones have changed the way Millennials and Generation X adults communicate with one another at work, at home or during other social occasions. Both men and women use mobile phone apps differently. Millennials use mobile phones to try out new cooking recipes. Reporters use mobile phones to report the news. Explore other topics of interest.

Man washing car in front of his retirement home.

Baby boomers and older are adjusting to mobile phone technology

Baby boomers and older are learning that mobile phones can enrich their lives in many ways. They love to reach out and connect with friends and family. Learn how mobile phones help them have fun.

AT&T display of mobile phones.

Basics of mobile communication technology

Mobile phones are used to play games, for social networking, to catch up on the latest news and weather, for banking, financial, shopping and retail applications. Learn more about mobile phone technology. 

Children ride in a mall train.

Stories for children

Everyone loves a good story. Learn how children use mobile phones in stories written especially for them in the mobile phone fiction section. Read these fun stories here.

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Discover mobile phone technology around the world.

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