Business mobile phones use ASP.NET Web Forms to develop mobile applications

Business mobile phones use applications created by ASP.NET Web Forms. Microsoft introduced ASP.NET Web Forms in 2001. It was part of the .NET development environment. It was designed to replace what is now called “Classic ASP”. The purpose of the commercial development platform was to help make web development easier to use and learn. ASP.NET Web Forms remained the dominant web development environment in the Information Technology (IT) industry until around 2010. 

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 A Web Form is any Web page containing ASP.NET code within the HTML tag structure. The creation of ASP.NET Web Forms facilitates the use of newer ASP.NET controls within the body of the HTML document. The main advantage of this is that content may be created for the form before the form is returned to the browser. This content may be generated from anywhere in the ASP.NET code. Mobile phones run applications created using ASP.NET Web Forms.

ASP.NET Web Forms promotes a more structured programming environment

ASP.NET Web Forms introduced the concept of a server-control providing direct links to processes in the middle-tier’s code-behind modules. It eliminated the need for front-end code to perform this function. This encouraged developers to adopt a more structured approach to the interaction between the front-end and the middle-tier. However, this construct was not successful in preventing developers from dumping all the sloppy coding that was stored in the front-end of “Classic ASP” applications in the code-behind modules.

In the 21st century, ASP.NET Web Forms took on the reputation of an old style of development that did not meet the “new” business requirements of the new century. This attitude was prevalent among a new generation of programmers that merged with the opinions of the development community complainers. Although software applications were beginning to go “mobile”, no one defined the “new” business requirements standards for business mobile phones. Going “mobile” is not a business requirement. It is a hardware platform. 

Business mobile phones software applications that use ASP.NET Web Forms versus MVC

 In 2010, the introduction of ASP.NET MVC interrupted the popularity of the ASP.NET Web Forms environment. ASP.NET MVC is a web application framework developed by Microsoft, which implements the model-view-controller (MVS) pattern. Slowly Microsoft started treating ASP.NET Web Forms the same as it had previously treated “Classic ASP”.

Spaghetti Coding” was one of the original complaints against “Classic ASP” that was used to attack ASP.NET Web Forms. However, this had very little to do with ASP.NET.  

“Spaghetti Coding” is reminiscent of the days when structured programming replaced the unorganized and unstructured COBOL code that was also termed “Spaghetti Code”. 

 More information about using ASP.NET Web Forms for business mobile phones applications may be found in the book Building Microsoft ASP.NET Applications for Mobile Devices (Developer Reference) here…

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