The mobile app adult personal page preferences of men and women 

Adult personal page may include personal preferences regarding the use of mobile phone apps. App developers use metrics to obtain audience information before developing the mobile app and putting it on the market. Metrics measure the open rate of the app for cellular or Wi-Fi usage. Other metrics measure the most used features and sometimes-personal information such as birth date or gender. These metrics tell mobile app developers that men and women have slightly different tastes when it comes to mobile phone app usage.

Adult personal page pictures a woman at a shopping mall holding a mobile phone.A woman uses a mobile phone to shop at a local mall.

Women download more catalog apps on their iPads. Catalog Spree reports that 73- percent of its users are female. CoffeeTable is another catalog-shopping app with a greater percentage of female users. However, according to Catalog Spree, approximately two percent more of the men using the mobile phone app are more likely to buy product offerings when compared with women using the same app.

Around 60-percent of the users of the mobile payments app, Venmo, are male. Venmo is an app that allows users to send and receive payments from friends. Velti is a mobile marketing firm reporting discoveries that men purchase 11-percent more virtual products than women do. Ladies own 50-percent of the mobile phones that are out there on the market. 

There are many differences between men and women regarding other apps they prefer to download to their adult personal page. More women than men download e-books on their mobile devices. More women than men download health and fitness related apps. More women than men download Amazon’s Kindle and Words with Friends. 

Men and women play different games on their mobile phone adult personal page

Men dominate the MMO RPG gaming space. According to Storm8, the sixth largest earning mobile app publisher in 2012, 75-percent of the males in their customer database buy their games. Stomr8 CEO Perry Tam explains, “Inherently male dominated themes(s)” such as war and mobsters appeal to a more masculine audience. 

However, there has been an increase in women gamers in recent years. Free mobile apps are attributed to the growing interest of women in mobile app games. “There are three key reasons why there’s an upsurge in women playing video games," according to psychologist Dr. Simon Hampton. Gender stereotypes say women don’t play video games so mobiles allow them to play these games quietly. Many games now don’t feature characters to beat or kill which appeals to women, as they are not as competitive as men are. There’s also a lot more word games, it’s quite widely accepted that females tend to be more competent linguists.” 

Storm8 reports women download 80-percent of the games that have titles such as Bubble Mania or jewel-matching titles. The adult personal page of women mobile phone users shows that they prefer playing puzzle, trivia, family-friendly or educational games. On Android mobile devices, women like to decorate the adult personal page of their home screens with live wallpaper downloads.

Adult personal page and a ride on the midway of the South Carolina State Fair.The ups and downs of mobile phone app usage between men and women.

Adroid apps "active reach" measurements

Nielsen measured the so-called “active reach” of Android apps. The results were broken down into three categories. These categories are overall active reach, active reach for males and active reach for females. The app with the highest overall active reach is the Android Marketplace. Google Maps, Gmail, Facebook and Google Search followed the app used to find all the other apps. The top five for men were similar, with the Android Market app, Google Maps, Gmail, Google Search and Facebook topping the list. The only difference in women’s usage was that Facebook appeared in second place and Google Maps moved to fourth place.

The adult personal page of mobile apps for men interested in dating includes HowAboutWe and OKCupid. However, both of these dating apps reported that more women than men use these dating apps. Men use more photography apps on iOS (strong on the iPhone, moderate on the iPad). More females than males use these photography apps on Android mobile phone devices.

In conclusion, there aren’t any major differences for the adult personal page on mobile phone apps for both men and women. Both sexes share similar mobile phone app tastes that include reading content, playing games, making purchases and for many other uses. There is no need for men and women to own gender-specific mobile phone devices for the mobile phone apps they download.

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