Collectible stores near me

Collectible stores near me may have a variety of names. Thrift outlet stores stock items that didn’t sell at stores in bulk and by weight. It’s a fun adventure digging through bins of collectible things to find treasures. It may take a few hours; however, you can easily find $300 worth of products for around $50. Other outlet stores are great places to find discounts, depending upon what you are looking for. Look for the cheapest deals.

Bugles and drums on a shelf in collectible stores near me.Musical instruments are often a popular find in collectible stores near me.

Not all resale shops are created equal. Some boutique-style shops have higher prices that won’t give you much resale value. Find the shops that price low. Some of the best are those connected to churches or nonprofits. You can find many great deals at yard sales. However, not all of them will be priced low. You should negotiate with the seller of the items you are interested in buying and ask them to come down to the lowest price of the collectible item as you can.

Not everyone takes the time to donate things they no longer want. Find out when trash day is in the neighborhoods near you and go for a drive. You can find some great things for free. Clearance sections and your home are other places to look for artifacts for your class other than collectible stores near me.

You can use your mobile phone to locate collectible stores near me online. You will find out where the thrift outlet stores, resale shops, flea markets, antique stores and garage sales are near you.

Other places to find artifacts besides collectible stores near me

Collectible stores near me aren’t the only places to find artifacts or collectible things. The estate sales that are more likely to have the artifacts you are looking for are those run by family members as opposed to estate-liquidation companies. Estate-liquidation companies tend to price items higher than most dealers would in a traditional shop. Prices fall on the second or third day. Better deals for collectible things and other artifacts are on the second and third days of the estate sale. 

Artifacts on display in the Manassas battlefield vistor center.Some artifacts are for sale in flea markets, estate sales or antique stores.

Check your local newspaper’s estate sale list in the classified advertising section each Thursday and Friday to locate venues in your town. Also look through online listings. Sign up for notices of upcoming sales through email or snail mail. This will provide information about local sales before they are announced in the newspaper or through online ads. Save time and effort without driving around by doing research ahead of time. For example, there are devoted websites that compile estate sale listings by location.

Estate sales or house clearances are common sources for flea market merchandise. Benefits for shopping estate sales include reasonable prices and available items in good condition, if they haven’t moved around too much. Homeowners and estate sale organizers can share stories about certain pieces. Knowing the history of an item can be very valuable.

It’s harder to find older things at random garage sales. You may be able to find artifacts or collectible items at neighborhood sales. At these sales several households stage garage sales on the same day. Try to discover which neighborhoods in your area are more upscale. This will increase your chances of finding nice things to show your history and social studies students to complement their classroom studies. They may not be extremely old, but might make your classes more engaging and interesting for your students.

Vintage enthusiasts are very familiar with flea markets. While visiting top-ranked flea markets is essential, less advertised markets are also great places to buy merchandise. Many flea markets are actually outlets for new and imported goods. This means that finding antiques can be challenging, but not impossible. One of the best ways to find out about flea markets in your area that sell mainly antiques is to check online event calendars provided by a variety of antique publications. Antique shows, craft fairs and other similar venues and collectible stores near me may also be discovered this way. Remember that haggling is one of the many ways to get a great bargain at the flea market.

Mega flea market fairs take place only once or twice a year. They offer additional advantages beyond regular flea markets and collectible stores near me. These annual extravaganzas draw thousands of vendors and ten times as many patrons. Sellers anticipate the high volume of foot traffic. They pack booths to the hilt with vintage collectibles that would appeal to these bargain hunters. Another attractive perk for potential customers is that many merchants discount items during these special events. Lower prices can increase the volume of sales. In the United States Highway Yard Sales are another kind of antiquing marathon spanning hundreds of miles over several states and offering an interesting range of deals for the consumer.

It’s possible to find antique and vintage merchandise in the classifieds. You can use a mobile phone to find online classified listings. Asking prices are often a jumping off point. Sellers may not have enough items to hold a garage sale. Yet they’re looking for someone to take away what they no longer want or need. Savvy buyers know a great flea market piece when they see one.

Thrift shows, auctions and antiques 

Collectible stores near me can also include thrift stores and consignment shops. Mobile phones may be used to locate these places online. You can find high end antiques, valuable vintage items and other unusual items in collectible stores near me. Thrift stores are a major source for vintage clothes shopping for the historical reenactments your history students participate to make studying history more exciting for them. Other desired items such as vinyl, retro lamps and clocks may also be found there. Some people are successful shopping at thrift stores and other collectible stores near me for antiques and collectibles. It’s best to research the day of the week new merchandise is stocked in these collectible stores near me. You can shop in collectible stores near me to find the best selection.

Civil war hats on display for sale in a store.These civil war hats are an excellent example of vintage clothing that may be found in a thrift store.

Make friends and establish a rapport with your local thrift store managers and employees. They can let you know when new inventory arrives. Be very friendly when you stop by their stores. Make sure that they have an idea about the types of items you are seeking. Negotiating prices isn’t guaranteed, but you’ll be the first one to choose from the items they have stocked on their shelves. Don’t forget to leave your card with them. They will call you when they have the items you are looking for in stock.

There’s a misconception that live auctions are for only big spenders. For the most part auctions are places to find some bargain offerings. There is always room for a higher bid before the gavel strikes. However, buyers are often also sellers. This means there is a shared interest in keeping offers low. When bidding, factor in the buyer’s premium, or percentage tacked onto the purchase price. Stay informed by signing up for notices on auction previews and future sale dates.

The trick is to arrive early to inspect the merchandise you might be interested in bidding on to make sure the pieces are authentic and in good condition. Take notes of lot numbers and determine how much you can reasonably pay for a piece. Refrain from bidding on pieces you didn’t get to inspect if they are selling low. This rarely works in your favor since auctioneers tend to embellish items and don’t always describe flaws accurately on the fly. To locate auctions in your area, check your local newspaper or use your mobile phone to consult a service like or You’ll discover where upcoming auctions are taking place and can also sign up to bid online at these websites.

In many instances online auctions provide a wholesale marketplace for more average antiques. The rarities are snapped up by eager collectors who will pay top dollar. Sometimes you will find a great sleeper if you shop diligently. You can use your mobile phone to discover artifacts at these online auctions. If you have the background, time and inclination, you can locate some great finds. Consider using a sniping service to get better deals if you’re bidding for an item. Be sure to snag a “buy it now” bargain quickly before your competition sees it.

Shop for vintage clothing, glassware and décor at online marketplaces. Ruby Lane is a great place to look for jewelry and collectibles. You can also “enter” live auctions from a computer or mobile phone. Many sellers list on Facebook live auctions, an active forum for buyers. Although in-person transactions offer closer opportunities for inspection of the artifacts and collectible items, there are guides for clicking online with confidence. Tips for how to buy flea market merchandise online include examining photos, reading condition descriptions, checking seller ratings and reviews.

Cloth dolls on displayThese cloth dolls may be found online or in a brick and mortar antiques store.

These days brick and mortar antiques shops and malls can be hit or miss when it comes to finding old goods price reasonably. Unfortunately, some are filled with garage sale junk and nothing else. However, when you do find a nice one filled with genuine antiques and older collectibles, there is a good chance you can find some items if you shop wisely. Some people think there is a sleeper hidden in every shop. You have to know it when you see it. One tip seasoned buyers offer is to walk every aisle in an antiques mall in one direction. Next turn around and walk in the opposite direction to get a different perspective.

It never hurts to attend the high-end antiques shows to find artifacts and collectible items. The same goes for specialty shows featuring glass, dolls, ephemera and other collectibles. Antique shows can be great places to learn from other dealers, do market research and see things you won’t find every day. 

Many people buy from online antique malls and shops for their own collections. Occasionally you may run across sellers with great prices. It’s a good idea to browse through these items from time to time. Be sure to follow the advertisements of some of the online networkers you know. Look for going-out-of-business sales. These items will be 40 to 60 percent off. Try to get the first pick, if you can, and always act quickly when you see liquidation announcements. You won’t be the only one anxious to see what’s up for sale at bargain prices.

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