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Education and technology in the classroom

Education and technology includes the use of mobile phones.Read how mobile phones change the way math is taught in school today. Math for kids is an educational resource. More teachers are finding new ways to incorporate mobile phones in their daily lesson plans. The 21st century is exploring options to include mobile online education in the classroom.

Are mobile phones a distraction in the classroom?

Some educators believe that mobile phones are a distraction and interfere with classroom instruction. Many school districts have policies about using mobile phones during instructional time.

Should every child have a mobile phone to play games?

Today, more parents are buying mobile phones for their children. Although a distraction in the classroom, kids can occupy their time playing games at home. Pokemon go is a favorite. However, many parents are concerned about Snap chat’s new Snap Map feature.

How does education and technology help kids?

Education and technology for kids is different today. Why? Computers, mobile phones, smart boards and IPads are helping kids learn better in school. Yet, some educators frown upon the use of mobile phones in the classroom. Should mobile phones be used for educational purposes at school? This is a question every parent, teacher and administrator needs to address.

Most kids today are introduced to mobile phone technology at a very young age. They see their parents using them at home. When they are at a restaurant, some of them watch their parents use a mobile phone while waiting for their meal. 

Kids are exposed to other kids using a mobile phone on the playground in the park or at school during recess. Kids also watch ads on television about mobile phone technology and services. They see pictures of mobile phones in magazines and see mobile phones for sale in stores.

It’s no wonder that kids who are constantly surrounded by mobile phone technology day after day think nothing of using or owning one. Mobile phones have become an essential part of daily life for them. Education and technology helps kids learn both in and out of school.

Explore how other age groups use mobile phones

Teens online world provides information about how teens are using mobile phones every day. Mobile phones play a huge part in adults world. Older adults are learning more about how mobile phones can enhance their quality of life. If you have a story to share or a question you can submit your comment or suggestion using the form after the subhead "Ever wonder how mobile phones can change your life?" in fun questions. The history of mobile phones and other technical topics are explained in mobile phone technology issues. Learn how mobile phones can add value to any holiday, event or special occasion. Read stories about mobile phones and kids in mobile phone fiction. Learn about how mobile phones research originated.