Flea market near me getting started

Flea market near me shopping tips. The first tip is to go early for the best selection. You can increase your chances of finding exactly what you are looking for when you are there before the crowds come in the afternoon. You will have a chance to browse through less crowded aisles to get more ideas when you arrive early. When you arrive at the flea market near me when it first opens in the morning, you’ll see collectors, store owners, designers and creative types already carrying off armfuls of items by ten am.

Outdoor shopping area in South Carolina similar to a flea market.Flea market near me might have a similar setup as this outdoor shopping area.

You can find average, good pieces all day. Sometimes you can find great pieces at two pm. Those great pieces aren’t normally the no-brainers. These are the risk takers, the ones you need to have a huge imagination and the confidence to negotiate the price. 

Go early if you want incredible pieces. On the downside, haggling may be more difficult when vendors know that they have the whole day ahead of them. It could be worth it for that one perfect piece. Go later if you are searching for good quality collectible items. You could also go on Sunday afternoon for the best chance of bargaining. Many vendors would rather give you a deal than pack up all their things.

Make a list of the items you are seeking. Some of these items might require measurements. Be sure to take both lists with you when you visit the flea market near me. If you forget to take a tape measure, don’t forget a dollar bill is six inches long. Flea markets can be a distraction due to various noises and smells associated with them. People might bump into you while you are viewing the items on display. So many colors and shapes available on the shelves and tables can also be a distraction. 

You can look at your lists to stay on track with your purpose for attending the flea market near me. It’s easy to forget what you came to look for and purchase at the flea market. Both your items and measurements lists help you to avoid all the other flea market near me distractions. You will be more prepared to find the items you are looking for to complement your history lesson plans. 

If there are certain items you are hoping to find, use your mobile phone to do some research before you go, so that you know price ranges, brands and other information that will help you determine if something is a good deal. Go with a “buyer beware” attitude. If it seems too good to be true, it might not be what you think it is. Use your mobile phone to research items when you can. Even though the flea market staff works hard to monitor counterfeit and “HOT” merchandise, some illegal knockoffs might get in the market.

Flea market near me treasure hunting

Bring cash, but know they take checks. Cash will sometimes get you a better price. Everyone enjoys cash, but most will also take checks. If you promise someone cash, but you don’t have enough, offer them a deposit. Then go to the ATM and bring the rest later. Give them your phone number and take theirs just in case. However, if you are on the fence about whether you should bring your checkbook or not, the answer is YES, many take checks.

Wear comfortable shoes. There’s a lot of walking to go through all the vendor displays at the flea market near me. Find your rhythm by trying out different methods of exploring flea markets. This takes time and some experience. Some people like to do the rounds of the flea market near me several times with a new object in mind for each circuit. Others like to go stand-by-stand with a list in hand to remind them what they may be looking for within that vendor’s particular type of goods. Find which method works the best for you and gives you the best results. The next time you visit the flea market near me you can use this same approach.

Look at all of the items on out of the way shelves and in the corners. You could find an overlooked treasure. Look high and low. Be sure to examine what people are hanging on the walls or above their tents. Don’t forget what is under the tables. Be sure you cover all the highs and lows of most booths. You have to dig to be properly rewarded.

Ask the vendors questions about their inventory and about the collectibles they sell. You can learn a lot from visiting with them. It can be fun to hear their stories. If you are looking for something in particular, stop by the market office and ask the staff if they can direct you to a vendor who would be likely to have those items. Get contact information from vendors that you might want to follow up with.

Be sure to carefully check anything you are thinking of buying for damage, missing parts or torn fabric. Inspect items closely, because typically there are no returns. Don’t buy a rug, coat or any thick fabric that has a smell. You may have a lot of difficulty getting the smell out. Look at the marks. You may find a desired maker. For jewelry, look for gold or sterling silver marks. If buying clothes, wear tight outfits so you can easily try on potential buys. Bring batteries if you are looking for toys. You can test the toys out to make sure they operate with the batteries.

Items on display at outdoor shopping center similar to a flea market in South Carolina.You might find some unusual at unique items at the flea market near me.

If you are wondering if something is good, picture it in a different color. If you still like it, then it’s probably worth the splurge. Remember, the finish, color and fabric can always change. The shape can’t change. If the shape is alright, but the color is good then don’t spend a lot. Make sure you are in love with the shape if you are spending money. If you see something that sparks something inside you and draws you to it, then that is what you splurge on. Splurge on the unique.

Final tips for shopping at flea market near me

Don’t hesitate to negotiate prices. Ask them what they are charging. It never hurts to ask a dealer if they will take less. Many will take ten percent less than their first price. Counter with what is fair. If you love the item, tell them that you love it. Vendors spend hours and days finding the perfect pieces. 

Don’t go down too low on your counter price unless you think that they are overcharging. If you can’t come close to affording their asking price, then tell them. Tell them how much you love it and how you would use it, but that it’s not in your budget. Then they might budge. As much as they are in it for the money, they are also emotionally involved with these pieces. The vendors want them to go to a good home. If you make a case for how much you love the item and how well you would take care of it, then you would receive the best discount. If you also combine items at the same vendor, you’ll get a better deal.

Bring a digital camera or use your mobile phone to take pictures. Sometimes we anticipate our memory will be better than it is. Unfortunately, though, in the heat of the moment we often forget or overlook crucial details that may determine whether or not we choose one item over another.

If you love an object, but want to keep shopping before you commit, take a picture and use it to save yourself the legwork when comparing other options. You might be waiting for a better deal or need some time to let your emotions settle. You may find that there is a crack you failed to notice, or a patch of peeling paint bothers you now more than before. It will help to save you from a disappointing impulse buy.

Before you visit the flea market near me, make sure you take some items with you. Bring cash and a checkbook. Tuck away a notebook to write down what booth the pieces you liked were in. Don’t trust your memory. Take a pushcart, canvas bag, a rolling suitcase or something on wheels to make carrying your purchases easy. Take a snack and water with you so that you can save your money for your purchases. Don’t miss out on people-watching and have fun when you visit the flea market near me.

Here are additional tips when going to a flea market near me.

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