M commerce applications and the mobile marketing message

M commerce applications are ushering in the era of “marketing to the machine.” Mobile, social algorithms and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are changing the way marketers engage with their prospects and customers. According to the 2017 Global Adblock Report by PageFair, 62 percent of devices running ad blocker software globally were on mobile phones.

Mobile phones have been at the forefront of the social and digital revolution. More people are using mobile devices for a variety of different tasks. They want straightforward answers to their questions and quick solutions. 

M commerce applications and mobile phone accessories.More mobile phone users are shopping for mobile phone accessories.

M commerce applications require mobile friendly content

Written marketing content should engage the attention of a growing audience of mobile users. Knowing how to write content for an audience using mobile devices is important to capture their interest. Here are some ways to keep your mobile audience reading your content for m commerce applications.

  • Make sure your content gets to the point right away. Provide answers to purchasing questions at the beginning of the content. If you hide the key takeaways at the end of a long article, readers won’t continue reading. Instead, they will look for content that gives them the answers they are looking for.

  • Go deeper with your content. While people expect to find quick answers to their questions, they will continue reading. Google found that 90 percent of smartphone users research information to achieve long-term goals while using their mobile devices wherever they go. Prospects close to making a buying decision are also interested in content that is more detailed.

  • Write readable content for a busy audience. Engage the attention of mobile readers by providing them with in-depth, well-researched information. Use conversational language that will help your readers. When you use a conversational voice to address your readers’ questions, then your readers will be happy. This means to write shorter sentences and use less complex words. Your audience doesn’t want to dissect what they are reading to figure out the message.

  • Write your content into easy to scan sections for mobile screens. Smaller paragraphs are preferable to longer ones. Use bold, descriptive subheadings that allow readers to scan the article according to their interests. Use bullet lists that highlight key points, provide bite-size takeaways and include actionable advice or directions.
M commerce applications at the Erie County Fair in Hamburg, New York.Mobile phone consumers want to read content on the go.

How to market to a mobile audience

Mobile marketing is an emerging trend. There are five ways to initiate a mobile advertising campaign for m commerce applications.

  • Mobile users want to be able to read emails quickly, so email should be included as part of a mobile marketing strategy.

  • Web copy should include visuals such as an infographic that can be viewed on a mobile device.

  • Text copy, infographics and videos should be short. People use their mobile devices on the go. They want to view mobile applications quickly.

  • Opening paragraphs should be simple and to the point. Short and concise is the way to go with mobile marketing. People using mobile devices are in a hurry and want an easy to understand message without spending a long time reading.

  • Bullet points should be used often. Bullet points help mobile readers  scan text information quickly. They are more encouraged to read on when they understand the key points. 

Mobile phone technology has become a more powerful and influential medium for selling and buying products online. The rise of m-commerce applications means that more companies will invest in mobile advertising. 

It’s important to know how to write conversationally for the mobile market place. This audience craves content geared for them. They want instant answers to their buying dilemma. The younger mobile phone audiences have different expectations and desires than the generations that came before them. The rules of buying and selling have changed in the world of social media and m commerce applications. 

Andy Maslen is a managing director and head copywriter at Sunfish. He founded the writing agency with creative director Jo Kelly in 1996. Andy Maslen is the author of five books on copywriting. While advertising his novels using the social media channel Facebook, he writes mobile friendly ads. Here are some examples of how he does this. 

If you would like to learn more about conversational copywriting and how it works with m commerce, please click on the Conversational Copywriting course link. It will take you to a page that explains more about the Conversational Copywriting course Nick Usborne is teaching.

What is m-commerce?

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