Mobile phone security tips to protect your device

Mobile phone security tips are important to follow to protect your investment in an expensive smartphone. Smartphones have the most power, the highest image resolution, the most pixel-rich screens, the highest memory capacity, the fastest processors and WiFi. They run mobile operating systems and support downloadable applications. New smartphones with bigger screens also come with a bigger price tag. Remember to research mobile phone security tips to protect your new, expensive device in case of loss or theft.

Spectators at Great Falls Park in Virginia.Following mobile phone security tips helps you to maintain your expensive device for a long time.

Choosing an operating system is important when it comes to running any software applications you select for your device. There are four main smartphone operating systems. These are Google Android, Windows Phone, Apple iOS and Blackberry OS. Downloadable software applications or apps add new features to your device. Examples include news apps, business apps, game apps or food apps. Each operating system has its own app store. All smartphones also come equipped with a mapping service and GPS receiver to help the owner navigate through various routes. Among one of the best mobile phone security tips is knowing about the technology that is in your mobile phone device. This helps to keep your mobile phone safe and ensure it is working properly. 

There are four major national carriers. These are AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon Wireless. Each of these four major carriers offers nationwide coverage and the latest 4G wireless technology. There might be some smaller carriers. However, choosing the one that is best for you will depend upon which one will offer you the best coverage.  Another factor is how much you are willing to pay. 

A prepaid plan is another option to consider. In this case, you would pay the full retail price for your smartphone device. Then you would obtain a prepaid service. Prepaid service plan options include Virgin, Straight Talk, Boost Mobile, AIO and others. These prepaid services will provide almost the same domestic service as the postpaid carriers at about half the price.

On-contract payment has been around for many years. The way it works is that a consumer signs up for a new two-year contract with a carrier and then receives a new phone at a discounted price. If you are looking for the cheapest  deals, this is the way to purchase a new phone while paying off the cost through the length of the carrier’s contract.

The second most common way to purchase a new smartphone is to pay the full retail price of the phone. This is a way to avoid the contract subsidy if you don’t want to a sign a two-year contract or you are not eligible to sign a new contract at the time of purchase. Buying a mobile device this way is expensive. This method allows you to choose your carrier because your device is not locked in to a specific carrier plan. These smartphones may be purchased directly from the manufacturer, from one of many third-party resellers or from Amazon.

Another way to purchase a smartphone is to buy one that has been previously used one on Ebay, Craigslist or another retail outlet. Another owner may have used the device for only three months. Carrier payment plans are a new option to purchase a mobile device. You pay a discounted price at the retail outlet and then pay an additional monthly fee on top of the service rate to pay off the full purchase price of the smartphone.

Father taking a picture of his child playing with a mobile phone.A mobile phone security tip is to always lock your smartphone when you aren't using it.

Mobile phone security tips for safe storage of your device

My husband and I attended one Fourth of July fireworks celebration in Manassas, Virginia. In spite of the heavy rain, the fireworks display show went on as usual. Many people braved the rain armed with umbrellas and portable plastic raincoats. The fireworks were beautiful. People carried their mobile phones with them and used them to take pictures of the Fourth of July fireworks blasting brilliant colors in the air. They weren't aware of the many mobile phone security tips that would help them protect their phone from being dropped, lost or stolen.

There was a large crowd viewing the fireworks. The rain was coming down hard. I was walking behind a woman when I noticed that her mobile phone slipped out of her pocket onto the wet pavement. I picked it up and called after her. She didn’t hear me and walked on ahead. I followed her calling out that she dropped her phone. I knew that she hadn't considered researching mobile phone security tips about not dropping or losing her phone in crowed, rainy conditions. I stopped to respond to someone who asked me who I was looking for. She looked at the mobile phone in my hand and said it wasn’t hers.

In the meantime, the woman who had dropped her phone walked on ahead and disappeared into the crowd. It was dark, rainy and wet. My husband and I continued to walk back to our parked car. Along the way, the mobile phone rang. I was holding an umbrella and didn’t want to answer the device. I tucked the phone into my purse. I looked for the woman who had dropped her smartphone, but I couldn’t find her.

My husband and I arrived at the parking lot in front of a school. We found our car in the school parking lot. As we drove off, I took out the iPhone. I started playing around with it to see if I could find out the owner of the smartphone. Suddenly the mobile phone rang again. This time I answered it. It turned out it was the husband of the woman who had dropped the phone.

“Hello. I have your mobile phone,” I answered the mobile phone call.

“I know,” a man answered. “Can I have your address so we can pick up our smartphone?”

I started giving him the information. However, the connection was very bad.

“We are just arriving at the Metz School,” he said.

“We just came from there. My husband can turn around and we can give you your phone if you will stay and wait for us at the school,” I explained.

“That’s fine; we will wait there for you.”

When we reached the school, we found the white pickup that was the only vehicle left in the school parking lot. The woman who owned the iPhone stepped out in the rain and came over to our car. I rolled down the window.

 “Here’s your phone,” I said as I handed it to her. “I called out to you that I had your smartphone, but you didn’t hear me and continued walking on ahead. Hang on to your phone and don’t lose it. These smartphones are expensive.” I hoped one of my mobile phone security tips would help her hang on to her expensive smartphone the next time they were in a large crowd in the dark.

“I know it slipped out of my pocket.” She handed it me a five-dollar bill relieved to get her smartphone back.

Here are some other helpful mobile phone security tips for your information.

While shopping for a new phone, compare cell phone prices.

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