Consumer cellular phones are a smart consumer choice

Consumer cellular phones attracted the attention of my husband. Last year he purchased a consumer cellular 101 model. He usually goes on long walks by himself. His sister thought it would be a good idea for him to purchase a cell phone in case of emergency.

The consumer cellular 101 model helps him feel secure while walking around the neighborhood. When he has his cell phone with him, he knows he can use it to stay connected with others whenever he needs to make a phone call. Consumer cellular phones are basic, reliable and high quality phones. 

My husband’s model supports text messaging and Web data. The cell phone includes a speakerphone and is hearing aid compatible. 

 As a member of AARP, my husband receives many consumer cellular service discounts. Consumer Cellular has been an AARP (formerly American Association of Retired Persons) provider since 2008. Here are two benefits AARP offers to consumer cellular phones owners.

  • A discount every month on service usage charges and cell phone accessories.
  • An extended risk free guarantee: 45 days, 450 minutes, 450 text or 450 MB of Web data (whichever comes first).
Consumer cellular phones and my husband in Occoquan, Virginia.My husband is looking at a sign advertising a Peep show display in a store in Occoquan, Virginia.

Why is it important to monitor the battery of consumer cellular phones?

Consumer cellular 101 owners should plan to charge your phone at least a few times each week. The more you use your phone, the faster the battery will need charging before using the cell phone again. It’s best to monitor battery usage to ensure it is charged up and ready for the next use. Your cell phone’s screen will let you know when it is the next time your phone needs charging.

Text and picture messaging

Your phone offers a lot more than just a convenient way to make calls. Text and picture messaging helps you keep in touch quickly and easily. You can send short text messages (also known as SMS) to another cellphone or email address anytime. Picture messaging (also known as MMS) lets you share pictures instantly right from your phone.

Using the Internet

With a consumer cellular connect plan, you can go online to visit websites, check news, sports, scores, weather, play games, use social media and in many other ways from your cellphone.


Voicemail is a virtual answering machine, and it comes free with your service. When you miss a call, choose not to answer, or when your phone is turned off, and then callers are sent to voice mail.

Checking your usage

You can check your talk, text and data usage anytime by logging into your account at the consumer cellular website. You can also call our Hotline at (888) 373-1777. This call is free when you use your cellphone to make the call. In addition, you can sign-up for our usage Alert service to receive updates when you are getting close to the limits of your plan. 

Here is a link to how to videos and manuals for more information about the consumer cellular 101 model.

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